Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the largest and most prestigious conference of surveying professionals in 2019, this year held in Vietnam. We expect 1000-1500 surveying and spatial experts from around 70-80 countries. FIG Working Week is an exciting week-long conference that brings the international community of surveying and spatial professionals together to experience a mix of interesting plenary and technical sessions and workshops, a trade exhibition and a variety of side events and social functions. The week gives a unique opportunity to discuss key challenges of our time within the surveying profession with fellow peers. Please explore the website for more information. Enjoy. 

Few countries in the world have had such a rapid development as Vietnam during the last decades. Hanoi, the city where the FIG Working Week 2019 will be held, has grown extremely quickly during the last decades. This urban transition puts intense pressure on keeping the pace with rising demands for transport, infrastructure, social services, housing,
environmental controls, data management and public amenities. Further to this development, Vietnam is considered as one of the countries most affected by climate changes. Hanoi is particularly at risk as it is situated in a low-lying area near the mouth of a major and unpredictable river.

Smart living is a major key to the fight against climate change. The FIG Working Week will focus on tackling the climate changes by working towards a smarter life both through the development of smart cities and also in rural areas. Spatial information, big data, surveying, BIM, land administration and much more are essential factors in this development. The theme of the Working Week:

Geospatial information for a smarter life and environmental resilience

addresses these challenges that are crucial not only in Vietnam but for many all over the world.

Organising the FIG working Week in Hanoi is a great opportunity for Vietnam to promote their achievements and progress in these fields but also a perfect venue for professionals world-wide to learn from each other exchanging ideas and develop new collaboration.

2019 will be a big festival year of the Vietnamese community of surveyors with the 60th anniversary of Surveying and Mapping Day of Vietnam (14/12/1959 -14/12/2019) and the 30th birthday of the VGCR (1989 – 2019). Together with the 65th anniversary of Hanoi’s independence (1954 – 2019), the FIG 2019 will add a great contribution to the festive atmosphere to honour and celebrate this UNESCO’s City of Peace.

Kind regards

FIG - International Federation of Surveyors & VGCR - Vietnam Association of Geodesy - Cartography - Remote Sensing