Gabcikovo Water Work

Several kilometres from Samorin there is located the biggest water work in Slovak Republic Gabcikovo Water Work. Gabcikovo ensures exploitation of hydro-energetic slope and also international sailing by repression of level difference between incoming and wasting channel through tail bays in a range of 16 23.3 m. Each of tail bay has width of 34,0 m and length of 275.0 m. Filling and emptying of tail bays last about 15 minutes. Sailing is managed from the tower located on the middle pillar of tail bays.

Gabcikovo-Nagymaros construction began to realise between Slovak Republic and Hungary in 1976. But later Hungarian side stopped working and Slovak Republic has to finish this construction according to so called Alternative C. From the origin solution of Gabcikovo Water Work is usable: right-sided embankment till beginning to reform it according to Alternative C; Connecting embankment, Hrusov left-sided embankment; Incoming channel; Gabcikovo level; Wasting channel.

Location of Gabcikovo


Gabcikovo in pictures

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