Košická Bridge

Košická Bridge has strategy importance for further town development. Left-waterside of bridge enters Košická Street and contiguous streets and is relatively stabile. On the Petržalka side city traffic system has adhered of crossroad with incursions to the eastern-western high way system. The 5th bridge over the Danube River will solve interior city traffic situation.

Košická Bridge will be situated between Old Bridge and Groundage Bridge. This locality gives a possibility of perpendicular bypass of the Danube River.

This bridge will become an attractive object with its shape, colours of used materials and effective lighting in town panorama.

Košická Bridge in numbers

Its whole length will be 854 m and width 32 m. Channel of Danube River with its width of 300 m will bypassing steel construction with length of 231 m in a shape of arc, which height will be 36 m. The main bridge object will be placed on the two abutments, from which one of them (which is closer to the Petrzalka side) will be embedded 40 m from the strand in Danube Channel.

Košická Bridge in pictures

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