Tunnel Sitiny

Tunnel Sitiny is 3.3 km sector of high-way D2 and it is situated on the D2 Lamacska cesta - Stare Grunty section in Bratislava district. There will be two parallel tubes with the total length 1440 and 1415 meters.

Contractor is international consortium TAI-SEI Corporation and Skanska DS, mining works are worked out by Banské stavby Prievidza and Váhostav Inc. – tunnels, special foundation.

Perforating works will be in progress non-stop. Construction of tunnel was launched in October 2003, whole building-up will last still 3 years, tunnel is scheduled to be opened to traffic in 2006 and will be submitted in spring in 2007.

Tunnel Sitiny in numbers

Name: Sitiny
Length: 1440 m with tunnel portals
Year of opening: 2006
Region: Bratislava
District: Bratislava
Section: D2 Lamacska cesta - Stare Grunty
Comment: double tube 2-line, northern tube 1415 m

According to information from Slovak Administration of Roads tunnel is perforating only from one side – in a direction from Mlynská dolina. From the Polianky side will be prepared only a short sector, into which eventuates tunnel from the second side. Reason for this process is because of underground water in direction from Mlynská dolina, which can flow out alone by gravitation without help of withdrawing. Both of tunnel tubes are perforating quite synchronise. During whole building up of tunnel there will be realised monitoring of structure influence on environment, monitoring of earth consolidation-sinking above tunnel tubes during perforating and other necessary measurements.

Tunnel Sitiny in pictures

Western portal of tunnel

Eastern portal of the tunnel

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