Picture Gallery
Symposium on Modern Land Consolidation

Picture gallery of the FIG Commission 7 Symposium on Modern Land Consolidation
Clermont-Ferrand, France, 10-11 September 2004

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Registration Joachim Thomas and Pauline van Elsland

Introduction Mikko Uimonen

Welcome Alain Gaudet

Conference Room

Welcome Paul van der Molen

Keynote Arvo Vitikainen

Keynote Terry van Dijk

Keynote Mika Törhönen

Keynote Frantz Derlich

Question from András Osskó

Question from Joachim Thomas

Presentation Philippe Cauchot and
Gérard Reigner

Presentation Robert Bergčs

Presentation Won-Jun Choi

Session chairman Christiaan Lemmen

Presentation András Osskó

Presentation Adri van der Brink

Presentation Joachim Thomas

Question Conrad Tang

Presentation Murat Meha

Reception Major of Volvic

Reception Major of Volvic

Question James Mudau

Presentation Vilma Daugaliene

Presentation Tommy Österberg

Question Rafael Crecente-Maseda

Presentation Adrianna Pulecka

Presentation Mikko Uimonen

Technical Excursion Land Consolidation Loubeyrat

Simeao Cambaco, James Mudau, Pauline van Elsland

Technical Excursion Land Consolidation Loubeyrat

French cows observed

French cows observed

Farewell dinner Volvic