11th FIG Symposium on Deformation Measurement in Santorini

Cecilia Whitaker, Adam Chrazanowski, Stathis Stiros and
Svend Kold Johansen at the Santorini Symposium.

The 11th FIG Symposium on Deformation Measurement was held in Santorini, Greece May 25-28, 2003. This symposium organised by FIG Commission 6 (surveying Engineering) working group on Deformation Measurement has the longest tradition in FIG as a Commission organised event on a certain topic. This time this symposium attracted more than 130 participants from 29 countries – major national groups represented were Polish, Italian and, of course, Greek. Participation of more than 15 delegates, among them students and scientists from less developed countries became possible through grants from the sponsors of the symposium.

At the symposium there were many fascinating presentations including introductory talks on Deformation Measurements and the Santorini volcano and keynote presentations on tunnel deformation and geodesy and tunnel excavation in the 6th c. BC. Many other nice oral and poster presentations covered a wide spectrum of fields of research.   An attempt to extend the focus to new disciplines, such as volcanology and archaeology was made.  The tight-scheduled programme was followed almost strictly with only minor deviations both to presentations and the timing. Session chairs made a great job allowing participants opportunity for scientific discussions and future planning.

The island of Santorini as a venue was spectacular and participants looked very happy about the selection.

During the conference dinner in a local taverna, and before a performance of local dances which inspired most participants to dance to midnight, Polish Senator Dr Drezla handed Adam Chrzanowski, Head of the FIG Deformations Measurements Sub-Committee a Prize for his contribution in the mining industry in Poland and Prof. Stanislaw Oszsak presented him a certificate of a Honorary PhD degree from the University of Olzstyn, Poland. Stathis Stiros, Chair of the organising committee, had the privilege on behalf of all participants to present Adam Chrzanowski a signed poster commemorating his 25 years’ leadership of the Sub-Commission and to Prof Dionysis Balodimos from the National Technical University, Athens a souvenir plaque for his contribution in the deformation studies in Greece.

The last day of the Symposium was devoted to a field trip examination of the ancient town of Akrotiri buried by the products of a volcanic eruption 3,600 years ago. A boat tour allowed participants to visit the caldera, hiking to the summit of an islet formed by recent volcanic eruptions, bathing in marine volcanic spring waters  and examination of the volcano surveillance project. This fieldtrip was led by Dr G. Vouyoukalakis from the Greek Institute of Geology

A concluding impression of the Santorini Symposium, in spite of the problems it faced during its organization such as the Iraq War and SARS, was that it was another successful meeting in the long series of FIG Deformation Measurements. The proceedings will be published both in printed format and on FIG website. Further the possibility of a special volume of a peer-reviewed journal is under consideration.

Stathis Stiros
Chair of the Organising Committee
Email: stiros@hol.gr