Prof. Yerach Doytsher, Incoming Chair of FIG Commission 3, represents FIG at the XVI Cadastral Week in Bogota

Bogota, Colombia, 6-10 September, 2010

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Incoming Chair of Commission 3, Prof. Dr. Yerach Doytsher at one of his two plenary presentations

The Faculty of Engineering through its Cadastral and Geodesy Engineering program at the Distrital University of Bogota, Colombia together with the Colombian Chapter of SELPER (The Society of Latin American Specialists in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems) organized the 16th Cadastral Week together with the 2nd ICG International Conference and the 7th SELPER National Conference in Bogota, Colombia, 6-10 September, 2010.

The event hosted almost 250 participants from the Academia and the private and public sectors in Colombia as well as attendees from other Latin America countries. The conference addressed the following main topics: Geographical Information Science, Spatial Data Infrastructure, Cadastre and Valuation, Modeling and spatial data analysis, Cartography and Photogrammetry, Planning and Land Use. The event highlighted the excellent work that is been done by the local professionals in Bogota and Colombia for dissemination of knowledge and practices in Geo-information inside and outside of the country.

The Incoming Chair of Commission 3, Prof. Dr. Yerach Doytsher, represented FIG at the conference and made 2 plenary presentations. The first on FIG commission 3 activities during the 2006-2010 term entitled "Technical Rapid Processes of Urbanization: Technical Spatial Tools for Environmental Management of Urban Areas", and the second on spatial processing of cadastral data entitled "From a Graphical Non-accurate Cadastre to an Accurate Coordinate Based Cadastre - Methods and Algorithms".

In meetings with the key-persons of the Cadastral and Geodesy Engineering program at the Distrital University and key-persons of the Colombian chapter of SELPER during the conference, Prof. Dr. Doytsher encouraged them to re-join FIG and re-start their activity within International Federation of Surveyors. The Distrital University, which is an academic member in FIG, declared their intention to work in the near future more closely with FIG in all its 10 commissions.

Yerach Doytsher
Incoming Chair of Commission 3
September 2010

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Participants of the Cadastral Week together with Prof. Dr. Yerach Doytsher.

17 September 2010