News in 2020

Aubrey Barker Fund/FIG Foundation
Course Development Grant Recipient

April 2020

FIG Foundation and Aubrey Barker Fund have togeher published the "Course Development Grant".

It is a pleasure for FIG Foundation to cooperate with the Aubrey Barker Fund on this special grant.

Application deadline was 1 October 2019. Of the received applications, it is a pleasure to announce that after the second round of applications a recipient of this special grant has been found:

Dr Trias Aditya from the Department of Geodetic Engineering of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Indonesia

for his application for:

A Blended Learning Course Design in Fit for Purposes’ Cadastral Survey

Background to the Project

This project is set in Indonesia, the home of millions of land parcels spreading across numerous populated islands, both big and small islands, many of  which have not been mapped and registered by the country. Under the current legal and institutional framework, systematic land titling activities from village to village are expensive and take a long time to complete. Land titling activities are impossible without a complete cadastral map and active participation from communities and government officers.

The International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) has published principles and guidelines to give a way forward to accelerate the land registration progress, called Fit for Purposes Land Administration (FFP-LA).

What is required is a paradigm shift from a top-down traditional cadastral survey and mapping into a bottom-up modern cadastral survey for accelerated land registration. This is currently lacking. To effect the changes requires a combination of modern survey techniques and community participation applying FFP-LA principles in order to accelerate and assure the quality of the land registration.

Short Description of the Project

The project will develop a learning platform applying blended learning practices (a combination of online courses and field visit interactions) in FFP Cadastral Survey (FFP-CS) for both in-house students and para surveyors (i.e. local representatives in the community) across the country. The project will develop course objectives, student outcomes and teaching materials of FFP-CS adhering to the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) standards. An online assessment and certification system involving the Project Team’s University, National Land Agency and The Association of Surveyors will also be developed in the project. This blended learning program will produce an excellent capstone design for ABET curriculum and will speed up the community readiness for FFP-CS implementation.

The Grant  

The Aubrey Barker in collaboration with FIG Foundation Grant will provide a grant of GBP 20,000 for two years to this project to be run by Dr Trias Aditya from the Department of Geodetic Engineering of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Indonesia. 

Good luck to Dr Trias Aditya for his course project. We will follow up with more news on the progress of the project.


Louise Friis-Hansen
24 April 2020