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We need your input on FIG Governance - Member Consultation 2020

FIG Task Force on Governance, June-July 2020

Now it is your time to influence the future of FIG - we ask you to watch the two videos and send your comments

The Task Force on the Future Governance of FIG is an internal Task Force focusing on an evaluation and proposal of potential changes of the current FIG Governance. The task force was established in 2019. Chaired by Vice President Diane Dumashie, it draws upon the work from earlier Task Forces, including the Task Force on Commission Structure.

The task force had planned to present a resume of the findings at the General Assembly 2020 for discussions first at the General Assembly, and hereafter at a special roundtable session. The General Assembly 2020 was unfortunately postponed due to the COVID19 pandemic, but the task force work continues, and the aim is still to present the final outcome to the General Assembly 2021.

Now, the Task Force asks for your contribution and input.
This is your chance to influence the future of FIG...

The feedback received, and all the information gleaned from the consultations thus far, will result in a report with options for Council/ General Assembly.

Two video presentations have been prepared for you:

The first video presentation is a report and summary of the work that has been undertaken so far by the task force. This presentation is held by the chair of the task force, FIG Vice President Diane Dumashie.

The second video presentation is presenting seven Key Issues. Each of these Key Issues were planed to be discussed at the roundtable sessions. Instead Diane Dumashie, together with Pekka Halme, member of the task force, introduce you to the seven Key Issues. Follow the video presentation, as Diane and Pekka will instruct you on what and how they need your input. Throughout the presentation asks for your comments, reflections and constructive critique.

Task Force Governance Webinar part I: General Assembly (43rd) presentation
(10 minutes)

Task Force Governance Webinar part II: Roundtable
(20 minutes)

For background and further material on the findings that have led to the Key Issues Paper, please check the Task Force on Governance site.

Your input is required!

Please send your comments to Diane or Pekka (email addresses are in the video and handouts) or to Louise at the FIG Office. We hope to receive your comments soonest possible. This consultation closes at the end of July; responses need to be received by  31 July 2020.

If smaller groups of members are interested in a further consultation online and to have a discussion/questions, this can be arranged with Diane during July.

So - what is it that we ask from you...
  • To confirm, that what you hear in the videos meet your expectations for the areas of review
  • To respond to the 7 key issues with your views /thoughts. i.e. expand, add or challenge the ideas raised
  • To highlight if there is a major element in our thinking that is being missed
  • please note that you may request a small group webinar during July
  • in other words - to influence the future of FIG

From the feedback received, and all the information gleaned from the consultations thus far, we will be drafting a report with options for Council/General Assembly

What shall you do? Send email with your response to Diane, Pekka, Louise the latest on 31 July 2020

We recommend you to watch the videos now ... and we are looking forward to your response!



Louise Friis-Hansen
24 June 2020