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Vice President Prof. Rudolf Staiger - 2011-2018

Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth: 19 March 1956
Nationality:  German
Current Position: Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Bochum, Dept. of Surveying Engineering and Geoinformatics.

The FIG General Assembly elected at its meeting in Sydney, Australia in April 2010 Prof. Staiger as FIG Vice President for a four-year term of office 1.1.2011-31.12.2014.

The FIG General Assembly elected at its meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in June 2014 Prof. Staiger as FIG Vice President for a four-year term of office 1.1.2015-31.12.2018


  • 1990-1992: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Graduate School of Business Administration (Zuerich, Switzerland)
  • 1988: PhD on the theory of “On-line-Triangulation” for Theodolite Measuring systems
  • 1983–1987: Scientific Assistant at the Geodetic Institute (University of Karlsruhe)
  • 1976–1982 : Studies of geodesy at the University of Karlsruhe (Germany) and Ecole Nationale des Sciences Géographiques (ENSG, Paris-St.-Mandé, France)

Work experience

  • Since 1994: Professor at the University of Duisburg-Essen (former Universität Gesamthochschule Essen) in the Dept. of Surveying Engineering. The areas of special interest are instruments, sensors, measuring systems, the standardization, check and the calibration of such systems.
  • 1992-1994: Software Development Engineer, R & D-Dept. for Industrial Measure¬ment Systems, (Leica-Geosystems, Unterentfelden, Switzerland).
  • 1988-1991: Kern & Co AG, Aarau (later Leica-Geosystems, Unterentfelden, Switzerland), System Specialist, Product Manager and Head of the Dept. for Industrial Measurement Systems

Professional activities

  • FIG Vice President (Period 2015-2018)
  • FIG Vice President (Period 2011-2014)
  • Chair of FIG Commission 5 (Period 2006-2010)
  • Chair Elect of FIG Commission 5 (Period 2004-2005)
  • Chairman of the AK5 (DVW) (Period 2003 - 2006)
  • Chairman of WG. 5.1 of Comm. 5 (FIG) (Period 2003 - 2006)
  • Since 2003 Member of the DIN-Commission – Geodätische Instrumente und Geräte (Geodetic Instruments and Devices).
  • Since 1997 Member of Arbeitskreis 5 (AK5) – Instrumente und Methoden (Instruments and Methods) from DVW. This is the National German Commission of DVW corresponding to Comm. 5 of FIG.


More than 30 Publications in English, French and German. Most of them are monographers.

In 2001 - together with Prof. Fritz Deumlich from Dresden - the 9th edition of the “Instrumentenkunde der Vermessungstechnik”.


German (mother tongue), English (fluent) and French (fluent).



Prof. Rudolf Staiger
Fachhochschule Bochum
University of Applied Sciences
FB Vermessungswesen und Geoinformatik
Lennershofstrasse 140
44801 Bochum
Tel. + 49 234 32 10 547
Fax + 49 234 32 14 735

27 December 2010