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Annoying fake emails in the name of FIG President Chryssy Potsiou...

10 March 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark


Unfortunately a fake email has been sent out in the name of FIG President Chryssy Potsiou.

The email is sent from  the email address: It has also come to our acknowledge that the email address: has also been used. If you receive an email from another mail account, please write to me (Louise).

This is NOT the Presidents email address, and please do not react on the email. Please delete the email.
Some have even received a phone call.

The email informs about a so-called FIG member: "Virgo Eresta Jaya and FIG member from Indonesia" who has apparently problems in Philippines.


If any FIG representative is travelling on behalf of FIG, the FIG Office is of course taking care of them if they are facing problems.

In the email and on the phone they try to persuade you to call the phone number they provide in the email. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER. If you have called the number, please contact your mobile provider immediately to check any irregularities.

We can unfortunately not avoid fraud like this, and it is very unfortunate that the FIG Presidents name is misused in this way. We have asked the email provider - - to blacklist and blok this email address.

Louise Friis-Hansen


10 March 2017

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