Article of the Month in 2022

FIG publishes each month the Article of the Month. This is a high-level paper focusing on interesting topic to all surveyors. This article can be picked up from an FIG conference or another event or it can be a paper written directly for this purpose.

  • May 2022 Is written by Eduard Escalona, Ana Senado, Maria Ruiz and Teresa Martinez, Span:  EU Space Programmes for Geomatics.  This article provides and overview about the EU Space Programmes Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus, their synergies and applications for geomatics' users. This article will be presented at the FIG Congress 2022 in Warsaw, Poland.

  • January 2022 In this final "Video of the Month" series. Reporter Ms. Pauline de Wilde talks with Frank Tierollf, Sisi Zlatanova, Noud Hooyman, Henk Scholten and Jan Bruijn about the concept ‘’Digital Twins’’. ”How can Digital Twin support to increase legal certainty?” and, is there a role for FIG to play? Read more and watch the video...