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In 2008, FIG introduced a double blinded Peer Review Process for papers with an outstanding academic level or best practice. Since then, there has been an option to submit a paper for peer review each year at FIG Congresses and Working Weeks. Approximately 10 per cent of all presented papers at a FIG Conference are peer review papers.  In average 50 - 60 per cent of the submitted papers pass the double blinded peer review process.

The papers that have passed the peer review process and have been presented at a FIG Working Week or Congress will be inlcuded in this FIG Peer Review Journal.

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FIG e-Working Week 2021 – Virtual 21-25 June 2021
Sharareh Akbarian (Australia), Arash Jouybari and Nina Grondstein (Sweden):
Analysis of solar potential in an urban area using LiDAR data: A case study of Belgium (10870)
Keywords: Laser scanning; Remote sensing; Photogrammetry; Young surveyor; LiDAR; Digital Surface Model; Shadow Detection; Solar Energy; Roof Surfaces

Elsayed Ammar (Egypt):
Modern Photogrammetric Manned Airborne Imaging Sensors (11162)
Keywords: Photogrammetry; large-format sensors

Asmae Azzioui, Moulay Hafid Bouhamidi, Mustapha Mouadine and Mohammed Ettarid (Morocco):
Innovative Approach for a Reliable Mapping of the Morocco’s Solar Resource (10917)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Cartography; Remote sensing; Young surveyor; solar radiation; GHI (Global Horizontal Irradiance); DNI (Direct Normal Irradiance); satellite-based database; ground measurements; calibration; solar atlas

Jean-Louis Carme, Benjamin Weyer (France), Hamza Mazih (Morocco), Moaz Alakhdar (Syria) and Mansoor Sarooj (United Arab Emirates):
Height Modernization in the Emirate of Sharjah: Determination of a Gravimetric Geoid, Precise Orthometric Heights and the Mean Sea Level Variation Around the Strait of Hormuz (11107)
Keywords: Professional practice; Hydrography; Coastal Zone Management; GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Reference systems; Reference frames

Rosario Casanova (Uruguay):
Methodological Guide to Carrying out Planning Processes Successfully, Using Geoinformatics and Prospective Tools (11040)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Land management; Spatial planning; Geoinformation/GI; Urban planning, prospective, geographical information system

Haipeng Chen, Li Zhang, Wenjun Xie, Miao Li and Linbing Lyu (China, PR):
Method and Practice of Quality Inspection and Evaluation of the Land Cover Classification Achievement in the Geographic Conditions Monitoring Project (10898)
Keywords: Standards; Geoinformation/GI; Cartography; Remote sensing; Land management; geographic conditions monitoring; land cover; quality inspection and evaluation; quality element; classification accuracy

Christian Clemen, Tim Kaiser, Enrico Romanschek and Marcus Schröder (Germany):
Site Plan for BIM? – A Free and Open Source Plug-In for As-Is Vicinity Models to be Used in Small and Medium-Sized BIM-Projects (11029)
Keywords: Standards; Geoinformation/GI; Digital cadastre; BIM; site plan; topography; IFC; GML; CityGML; Revit

Arthur Costa Falcão Tavares, João Pedro Dos Santos Verçosa, Tavares Wellington, Salgueiro Cruz Ramón and Silva Dos Santos Flávio Henrique (Brazil):
Applying Free Geotechnologies and Offline Maps for Data Collect and Logistical Support to Caeté S/A Sugarcane Mill, in the Municipality of São Miguel Dos Campos – Al (11066)
Keywords: Professional practice; Geoinformation/GI; GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Engineering survey; Land management; Spatial planning; Low cost technology; Geoprocessing; GIS; Precision Agriculture

Ivan Detchev (Canada):
Theoretical and Practical Course Design and Development Aspects in Hydrographic Surveying (11229)
Keywords: n/a

Erwin Heine (Austria):
Bathymetry and lakebed mapping of Lake Altaussee using Multibeam Echo Sounding, UAV photogrammetry and underwater ROV imagery (11067)
Keywords: Education; Hydrography; bathymetry; lake; multibeam echosounding; ROV; UAV; Structure for MotionKeyword 1; Keyword 2; Keyword 3

Agung Indrajit (Netherlands), Muhammad Hasannudin Yusa (Indonesia), Bastiaan Van Loenen, Peter Van Oosterom (Netherlands) and Deni Suwardhi (Indonesia):
Development and Usability Testing of the Participatory Urban Plan Monitoring Prototype for Indonesian Smart Cities Based on Digital Triplets (11023)
Keywords: Standards; Geoinformation/GI; Land management; Spatial planning; Implementation of plans; Digital triplets; 3D RRRs; LADM

Charalabos Ioannidis, Sofia Soile, Argyro-Maria Boutsi, Styliani Verykokou and Chryssy Potsiou (Greece):
From 3D Documentation to XR Representation of Cultural Heritage Buildings – the Case of the Katholikon of St. Stephen, Meteora (11027)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Photogrammetry; 3D modeling; Cultural Heritage; Visualization; VR; AR

Johannes Kröger, Yannick Breva, Tobias Kersten and Steffen Schön (Germany):
Are Phase Center Corrections Identical for Identical Frequencies from Different GNSS? (10909)
Keywords: Positioning; antenna calibration; phase center corrections; Multi-GNSS; Beidou

Edward A. A. Kwesi, Kwame Tenadu, John K. Annan, Matthew Homiah and Jonathan Annobil (Ghana):
Integration of Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment in Landfill Site Screening at the Local Level: Case Study in the Prestea Huni-Valley Municipality of Ghana (11076)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Remote sensing; Spatial planning; Urban renewal; Landfill Site Screening; Multicriteria Decision Modelling; Constraint Mapping; Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment; Prestea Huni-Valley; Waste Management

Alexander Leb and Guenther Retscher (Austria):
Study for the Development of a Guidance and Information System Based on Wi-Fi for TU Wien (10863)
Keywords: Positioning; Low cost technology; Wi-Fi positioning; probabilistic fingerprinting approach; Mahalanobis distance; kinematic system training; continuous training; RSSI scan duration dependence

Thant Zin Maw (Myanmar), Mamorou Kanzaki (Japan) and Chit Hlaing Win (Myanmar):
Forest Cover Change Analysis on a Protected Area in Southern Myanmar using Remote Sensing and GIS Technique: Applications to Forest Conservation (10871)
Keywords: Capacity building; Land management; Security of tenure; Spatial planning; Integrated land and water management

Dupe Olayinka (Nigeria):
Assessing Social Vulnerability to Floods and Coping Strategies in Adamawa Catchment, Nigeria (11091)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; GSDI; Spatial planning; Risk management; Adamawa; Coping strategies; Descriptive statistics; Social flood vulnerability; Flood hazard.

Emmanuel Olorunfemi, Luqman Oyewobi (Nigeria), Oludolapo Olanrewaju (New Zealand) and Roseline Olorunfemi (Nigeria):
Competencies and the Penetration Status of Building Information Modelling Among Built Environment Professionals in Nigeria (11024)
Keywords: Professional practice; Standards; Education; Curricula; CPD; Capacity building; Implementation of plans; Risk management; Real estate development; Quantity surveying; Cost management; Young surveyor; Building Information Modelling; Built environment professionals; Competencies; Nigeria

Guenther Retscher (Austria), Vassilis Gikas (Greece) and Regine Gerike (Germany):
Curricula Enrichment for Sri Lankan Universities Delivered through the Application of Location-Based Services to Intelligent Transport Systems (10865)
Keywords: Education; Curricula; Capacity building; Positioning; Low cost technology; Location-based Services (LBS); transportation systems; geomatics; transportation sciences; University education

Markus Schaffert, Thorsten Becker and Torge Steensen (Germany):
Spatial Information Supporting a Collaborative Landscape-Based Place Branding (10978)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Land management; Spatial planning

Gershon Steinberg, Gilad Even - Tzur, Hagi Ronen, Hezi Hezi Sarid and Sagi Daliot (Israel):
The development of the Israeli official geoid undulation model (10892)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Engineering survey; Implementation of plans; Low cost technology; Reference systems; Geoid Undulations Model; Hybrid Geoid Model; Orthometric Heightseyword

Israel Taiwo, Lawrence Adewole, Mofolusho Fagbeja and Ifeoluwa Balogun (Nigeria):
Web-Based Geospatial Information System to Access Land Suitability for Arable Crop Farming in Ekiti State, Nigeria (11118)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Remote sensing; Spatial Planning; Sustainable Agriculture; Non-Speculative Land Suitability; Accessibility; Web-based; Fuzzy; Weighted Overlay

Florian Thiery, Timo Homburg, Sophie Charlotte Schmidt, Jakob Voß (Germany) and Martina Trognitz (Austria):
SPARQLing Geodesy for Cultural Heritage – New Opportunities for Publishing and Analysing Volunteered Linked (geo-)data (11032)
Keywords: Standards; Geoinformation/GI; Digital cadastre; History; Young surveyor; Linked Data; Semantic Web; Wikidata; Open Street Map; volunteered geographic information; Ogham; SPARQL; Cultural Heritage

FIG Working Week 2020 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands 10-14 May 2020
Asmae Azzioui, Moulay Hafid Bouhamidi, Mustapha Mouadine and Mohammed Ettarid (Morocco):
Innovative Approach for a Reliable Mapping of the Morocco’s Solar Resource (10291)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Cartography; Remote sensing; Engineering survey; Spatial planning; Young surveyor; GIS, mapping, renewable energy

Ana Flávia Bastos and Lia Bastos (Brazil):
Quantitative Analysis of Microplastics in Coastal Sediment in Beaches of Spain and Brazil (10307)
Keywords: Microplastics, Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Pollution.

Ajay Dashora, Rutuja Ramesh Kate, Aswani Kumar Munnangi and Bharat Lohani (India):
An Automated Approach for Partitioning of Inherited Land: a Case from India (10299)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Cartography; Engineering survey; Land management; Land readjustment; Land distribution; Access to land; Spatial planning; Informal settlements; Valuation; Land partitioning, sustainable development, land division, value map, automated partitioning

Ivan Detchev, Walther Johnson and Tyler Greene (Canada):
Theoretical and Practical Course Design and Development Aspects in Hydrographic Surveying (10317)
Keywords: Education; Curricula; Hydrography; Remote sensing

Maria Gkeli, Chryssy Potsiou and Charalabos Ioannidis (Greece):
Mobile Crowdsourcing in 3D Cadastral Surveys: Exploring Publics’ Reaction and Data Quality (10312)
Keywords: Standards; Geoinformation/GI; e-Governance; Positioning; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; Security of tenure; Low cost technology; 3D Cadastre; LADM; Crowdsourcing; Quality Control; 3D Spatial Data; Data Capture

Simon Hull and Jennifer Whittal (South Africa):
Achieving Success and Sustainability Through Significance: a Cross-Case Analysis of Cadastral Systems Development in Europe and Africa (10239)
Keywords: Capacity building; Cadastre; Land management; Security of tenure; Access to land

Chan K (Hong Kong SAR, China):
Exploring Smart Reliability Centred Maintenance in Property Management (10272)
Keywords: Professional practice; Standards; Cost management; Reliability Centred Maintenance, property management, maintenance management, key success factors.

Pauliina Krigsholm and Kirsikka Riekkinen (Finland):
From Past to Present – Development Patterns for Land Administration Systems (10311)
Keywords: Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; History; land administration system; land information; multi-level perspective

Josip Križanović and Miodrag Roić (Croatia):
Formalisation of Cadastral System Data Dissemination Processes – Initial Studies (10288)
Keywords: cadastral processes; data dissemination; LADM; modelling; cadastral users

Paul Muchechetere (Zimbabwe) and Edward Kurwakumire (South Africa):
Towards a Land Titling Framework for Improving Rural Livelihoods (10298)
Keywords: Land distribution; Security of tenure; Land Titling; Land Reform; Land Tenure Security; Sustainable Development Goals

Victor Chukwuemeka Nnam (Nigeria):
Monitoring and Prediction of Land Use in Enugu Urban, Nigeria, Using Gis and Remote Sensing (10250)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Remote sensing; Land management; Spatial planning; Urban renewal; Land Use; Monitoring; Prediction; GIS; Remote Sensing

Ayodeji Oke, Clinton Aigbavboa (South Africa) and Omole Olayinka (Nigeria):
Benefits of Adopting Intelligent Building System (10237)
Keywords: Affordable housing; Affordable housing; Building management; Sustainable building; Intelligent building systems; Benefits.

Ayodeji Oke, Clinton Aigbavboa and Zanele Madonsela (South Africa):
Assessment of Factors Affecting Time and Cost Performance of Indigenous and Foreign Contractors in Nigeria (10238)
Keywords: Quantity surveying; Cost management; Affordable housing; Sustainable construction

Dupe Olayinka, Yusuf Aro-Lambo, Elias Adediran and Chukwuma Okolie (Nigeria):
Remote Detection of Cannabis Plantations in Idanre Forest Reserve, Nigeria Using Multispectral Landsat Imagery (10314)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Remote sensing; Remote Sensing; Cannabis; Spectroradiometer; LandSat Imagery; ANOVA Analysis

Caleb Oluwadare and Ayodeji Abidoye (Nigeria):
Critical Factors in the Sustainability of Systematic Land Titling and Registration in Ondo State, Nigeria (10274)
Keywords: Cadastre; Security of tenure; Low cost technology; Land titling; registration; sustainability; fit-for-purpose

Ola Øvstedal (Norway):
A Method to Estimate a Best Fit Trajectory from Multiple Individual Trajectories (10252)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Low cost technology; trajectory clustering; volunteered geographical information; GNSS; estimation and validation

Guenther Retscher (Austria), Yan Li, Allison Kealy (Australia) and Vassilis Gikas (Greece):
The Need and Challenges for Ubiquitous Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Using Wi-Fi (10335)
Keywords: Positioning; Low cost technology; Indoor positioning; Wi-Fi

Per Kåre Sky and Helén Elisabeth Elvestad (Norway):
Leasing of Farmland and Land Consolidation (10249)
Keywords: Land management; Legislation; Land consolidation; Fragmentation; Leasing; Farmland; Land Bank

Israel Taiwo, Lawrence Adewole, Mofolusho Fagbeja and Ifeoluwa Balogun (Nigeria):
Web-Based Geospatial Information System to Access Land Suitability for Arable Crop Farming in Ekiti State, Nigeria (10280)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Remote sensing; Land management; Access to land; Spatial planning; Sustainable Agriculture; Non-Speculative Land Suitability; Accessibility; Web-based; Fuzzy; Weighted Overlay

Akkelies Van Nes (Norway):
Street Network Inter-Accessibility and Urban Sustainability. Measuring Urban Compactness with Various Spatial Analyses Tools (10257)
Keywords: Spatial planning; Urban renewal; Urban compactness, space syntax, safety, sustainable mobility means

Fawzi Zarzoura (Egypt), Mosbeh Kaloop and Jong Hu (Republic of Korea):
Remote Sensing and Sustainable Agricultural Development in Nile Delta Region (10316)
Keywords: Remote sensing; Photogrammetry; Land management; Urban renewal; Remote Sensing, agricultural, Sustainable Development

FIG Working Week 2019 – Hanoi, Vietnam April 22-26, 2019
Nur Zurairah Abdul Halim, Zoher Nomanbhoy and Mohd Noor Isa (Malaysia):
The Development of National Atlas – Malaysia’s Experience (9792)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Cartography; Spatial planning; National Atlas, Malaysia

Rizwan Bulbul (Austria), Muhammad Sheraz Ahsan (Pakistan) and Johum Fatimah Mirza (USA):
Towards National SDI in Pakistan: The Challenges (9815)
Keywords: Standards; e-Governance; Digital cadastre; Land management; LADM, CityGML, ISO-19152-2012, Geospatial Big Data, LRMIS, Musavi

K Chan (Hong Kong SAR, China):
Criticism of Correlated Issues in Managing Hotel Maintenance for Smarter Cities (9775)
Keywords: Professional practice; Standards; Land management; Quantity surveying; Cost management; Smarter cities, skill transformation, financial control, competitive advantages, outsourcing strategies.

Walter Timo De Vries (Germany), Henrikus Johannes (Rik) Wouters (Netherlands) and Kalle Antero Konttinen (Finland):
An Analysis of Long-Term Experiences with Land Consolidation Projects and Programs in Europe (9781)
Keywords: Professional practice; GIM; Cadastre; Land management; Land readjustment; Land distribution; Security of tenure; Spatial planning; land consolidation; land fragmentation

Quang Cuong Doan, Van Tuan Tran and Khac Hung Vu (Viet Nam):
Application of Open Source Technology to Building Cadastral Information System for Land Registration and Complete Cadastral Records System (a Case Study of Hanoi City, Vietnam) (9796)
Keywords: Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; open source; cadastre database; Quocoai; Vilis

Thi Bich Phuong Dong (Viet Nam):
Positional Accuracy Improvement for Heterogeneous Geodata Integration (9783)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; GIM; Cartography; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Positional accuracy improvement; integration heterogeneous geodata; cadastral; Rubbersheeting

Do Thi Hoai and Le Minh Hang (Viet Nam):
Monitoring Land-Cover Changes Using Multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 Data in U Minh Thuong National Park (9779)
Keywords: Remote sensing; decision tree classification, multi-temporal SAR, changed/unchanged objects

Allison Kealy (Australia), Guenther Retscher (Austria), Jelena Gabela, Yan Li (Australia) and Salil Goel (India):
A Benchmarking Measurement Campaign in GNSS-denied/Challenged Indoor/Outdoor and Transitional Environments (9837)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Laser scanning; Photogrammetry; Low cost technology; cooperative positioning; indoor positioning; mobile mapping vehicles; sensor integration; UWB; LiDAR, inertial sensors

Felician Komu (Tanzania):
Dilemma of Regulating Residential Real Estate Markets in Developing Countries- the Case of Tanzania (9818)
Keywords: Standards; Capacity building; e-Governance; Security of tenure; Access to land; Implementation of plans; Real estate development; Real estate regulation; block chain

Pauliina Krigsholm, Kaisa Ridanpää and Kirsikka Riekkinen (Finland):
Blockchain as a Technological Solution in Land Administration – What Are Current Barriers to Implementation? (9829)
Keywords: Cadastre; Land management; blockchain technology

Thuy Le, Tuan Pham and Binh Tran (Viet Nam):
Application of Space Syntax and GIS in Assessment of Accessibility Factors Affecting Urban Residential Land Values (a Case Study in Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh Area, Hanoi City) (9830)
Keywords: Access to land; Spatial planning; Real estate development; Space syntax; accessibility factors; urban land value; Trung Hoa-Nhan Chinh area

Mulyadi Mulyadi, David Mitchell and Donald Grant (Australia):
Grassroots Perceptions of Land Administration to support Disaster Risk Reduction in Hazard-Prone Informal Settlements in Jakarta Province, Indonesia: Lessons for Land Policy (9811)
Keywords: Security of tenure; Informal settlements; Land administration system, Disaster risk reduction, Indonesia

Hung V. Nguyen (Viet Nam):
Evaluating the Environmental Impact of the Hoankiem Lake with Focus on Urban Development Planning by Using a DPSIR Framework. (9841)
Keywords: Land management; Risk management; Environment; Urban planning; Governance; DPSIR; the HoanKiem lake

Phi Son Nguyen, Anh Tuan Nguyen and Thanh Thuy Nguyen (Viet Nam):
Application of Remote Sensing, GIS and Topographical Data for Establishing Soil Erosion Map (9774)
Keywords: Cartography; Remote sensing; Remote sensing; Geographic Information System; RUSLE; soil erosion

Van Sang Nguyen, Van Tri Vu and Van Tuyen Pham (Viet Nam):
Determination of Marine Gravity Anomalies in the Truong Sa Archipelago’s Sea Territory Using Satellite Altimeter Data (9770)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Marine cadastre; Remote sensing; Marine gravity anomalies; Satellite altimetry; Least Squares Collocation.

Marina Nistotskaya (Sweden), Michelle D'arcy and Robert Ellis (Ireland):
Mapping the State: Measuring Infrastructural Power Through Cadastral Records (9784)
Keywords: Capacity building; Cadastre; History

Ayodeji Oke, Clinton Aigbavboa and Taniele Cane (South Africa):
Review of Factors Influencing Socially Cohesive Smart Societies in South Africa (9845)
Keywords: Risk management; Real estate development; Affordable housing; Built environment, Construction industry, Education, Knowledge, Mentoring, Skills, Training.

Yen Phan Quoc and Hoai Dao Khanh (Viet Nam):
Evaluates the Possibility of Shallow Water Bathymetry Mapping Using Optical Satellite Imagery (9772)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Cartography; Coastal Zone Management; Remote sensing; Optical Remote Sensing, Bathymetry mapping, Sentinel-2, Shallow water, Spratly islands archipelago

Guenther Retscher and Alexander Leb (Austria):
Influence of the RSSI Scan Duration of Smartphones in Kinematic Wi-Fi Fingerprinting (9743)
Keywords: Positioning; Low cost technology

Robert Suya (Malawi):
Ionospheric-Constrained PPP using Triple-GNSS Constellations (9769)
Keywords: n/a

Van Anh Tran, Quoc Cuong Tran, An Binh Nguyen and Trung Anh Tran (Viet Nam):
Application of Quasi-Psi Method for Landslide Determination in Northern Mountainous Region of Vietnam by Multi Sensor Radar Satellite Images. (9776)
Keywords: Remote sensing; Landslide; Quasi-PSI; Sentinel-1A; ALOS PalSAR-1

Hong Phuong Trinh, Thi Thanh Thuy Hoang and Thi Minh An Ngo (Viet Nam):
Using Remote Sensing Technology to Detect the Shoreline Change Caused by Mining Activities: Case Study of Thach Khe Iron Mine, Thanh Ha District, Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam (9839)
Keywords: Coastal Zone Management; Remote sensing; Mine surveying; coastal mining activities

Styliani Verykokou and Charalabos Ioannidis (Greece):
A Global Photogrammetry-Based Structure from Motion Framework: Application in Oblique Aerial Images (9794)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Photogrammetry; Oblique Images; Aerial Triangulation; Structure from Motion; Exterior Orientation

Habtemicael Weldegiorgis (Eritrea):
Enforcement of Mandatory Cadastral Registration in Eritrea (9753)
Keywords: Professional practice; Curricula; Capacity building; Cartography; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; Land distribution; Security of tenure; Access to land; Implementation of plans; Informal settlements; Property taxes; Affordable housing; Legislation; voluntary/sporadic registration, mandatory registration, modern cadastre, sustainable development

Pete Wyatt (United Kingdom):
From a Property Tax to a Land Tax – Who Wins, Who Loses? (9737)
Keywords: Valuation; Property taxes

FIG Congress 2018 – Istanbul, Turkey May 6-11, 2018
Ashraf Abdallah (Egypt) and Volker Schwieger (Germany):
Improving Hydrographic PPP by Height Constraining (9192)
Keywords: Hydrography; GNSS/GPS; Positioning

Mohamed Abdelazeem (Egypt), Rahmi Çelik (Turkey) and Ahmed El-Rabbany (Canada):
Performance Evaluation of Two Interpolation Techniques for GPS/BeiDou-Based Regional TEC Model (9238)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; GPS/BeiDou; TEC modeling; Kriging; inverse distance weighted

Amalina Izzati Abdul Hamid, Ami Hassan Md Din and Kamaludin Mohd Omar (Malaysia):
Interpreting the Sea Level Variability over Malaysian Seas using Multi-mission Satellite Altimeter (9253)
Keywords: Hydrography; Coastal Zone Management; Remote sensing; Risk management; Sea Level Rise; Sea Level Variability; Multi-mission Satellite Altimeter

Alias Abdul Rahman, Hairi Karim (Malaysia), Ali Jamali (Iran), Gurcan Buyuksalih and Serdar Bayburt (Turkey):
Conceptual Framework Towards Unified 3D Topological Modelling and Visualization Based on CityGML (9250)
Keywords: GIM; 2D and 3D spatial data, topological data structure, CityGML and multiple LoDs.

Olufisayo Adewumi Adedokun, Isaac Olaniyi Aje and Oladele Johnson Agboola (Nigeria):
Appraising Risk Mitigating Measures for Building Projects in Rivers State, Nigeria (9179)
Keywords: Building projects; Mitigating measures; Nigeria; Performance; Risk

Sinan Altinisik, Company Owner and Semih Seckin Kavlak, Photogrammetry Section Director (Turkey):
By Means of UAV-based Photogrammetry, Observing, Analyzing and Reporting of the Big Construction Projects, Ethiopia Application (9209)
Keywords: Positioning; Remote sensing; Photogrammetry; Engineering survey; Quantity surveying; Low cost technology; UAV; Photogrammetry; Railway; Construction; Mapping; DTM

Kwabena Asiama (Netherlands), Rohan Bennett (Australia), Jaap Zevenbergen (Netherlands) and Seth Asiama (Ghana):
Land Valuation in Support of Responsible Land Consolidation on Ghana’s Rural Customary Lands (9214)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Land management; Security of tenure; Valuation; Land Consolidation, Customary Lands

Carlos Brett (Venezuela) and Isaac Boateng (United Kingdom):
Alternative Approach and Toolkits for Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services of Wetlands: an Application to Farlington Marshes, UK (9222)
Keywords: Education; Coastal Zone Management; Land management; Valuation; Low cost technology; Young surveyor

Dragan Divjak, Miodrag Roić and Doris Pivac (Croatia):
Towards Sustainable Land Administration Infrastructure in Croatia (9279)
Keywords: Cadastre; Land management; open science; open data; land administration infrastructure; land governance

David Goodwin and James Berghan (New Zealand):
A Planning Model to Incorporate Socially-Based Tenure Principles into Mainstream Planning, (9267)
Keywords: Cadastre; Spatial planning; Urban renewal; Affordable housing; Socially-based land tenure

Guanqing Li and Shengxiang Huang (China, PR):
Control Survey for a 6.7 Km Immersed Tunnel in Chinese Lingding Ocean (9227)
Keywords: Engineering survey; Tunnel surveying; Young surveyor

Fisnik Loshi (Kosovo):
From 2D Representation of the Buildings into Cadastral Maps towards 3D GIS Applications and BIM – a Case Study for Prishtina (9283)
Keywords: 3D cadastre, property registration, BIM

Evangelos Maltezos, Charalabos Ioannidis, Anastasios Doulamis, and Nikolaos Doulamis (Greece):
Building Change Detection Using Semantic Segmentation on Analogue Aerial Photos (9252)
Keywords: Photogrammetry; Informal settlements; change detection; buildings; analogue photos; point cloud; convolutional neural networks

Lopang Maphale and Kealeboga Kaizer Moreri (Botswana):
A Consideration for a Conceptual Partnership Framework in Building Spatial Data Infrastructures in Developing Countries (9288)
Keywords: Standards; Geoinformation/GI; GIM; GSDI; e-Governance; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Spatial planning; SDI; Partnerships; Institutions; Information Policy; Developing Countries

Jim Mason and Hollie Escott, Quantity Surveyor (United Kingdom):
Exploring How Smart Contracts Will Impact on the Role of Construction Professionals (9201)
Keywords: Education; Quantity surveying; Legislation

Viktor Mihoković, Luka Zalović and Danijel Šugar (Croatia):
Single Base RTK Solutions Obtained Individually with GALILEO and Beidou as Well as in Combination with Other Fully Operational GNSS (9263)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; single base RTK; GALILEO, BeiDou, Fixed solution

Chris Pearson (New Zealand), Kevin Kelly (USA) and Paul Denys (New Zealand):
Feasibility of Developing a Regional Deformation Model for the South Pacific (9289)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Reference systems; Reference frames

Parastoo Pilehforooshha and Mohammad Karimi (Iran):
Spatial Conflict Reduction in Building Generalization Process using Optimization Approaches (9274)
Keywords: Cartography; GIS; map generalization; spatial conflict; displacement

Abbas Rajabifard, Behnam Atazadeh, Mohsen Kalantari and Ian Williamson (Australia):
A New Method for Integrating 3D Spatial Information about Vertically Stratified Ownership Properties into the Property Map Base (9241)
Keywords: Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management

Norezzayana Rohaizat and Mohd Faisal Abdul Khanan (Malaysia):
Spatio-Temporal Analysis for Monitoring Water Quality of Skudai River, Malaysia (9236)
Keywords: water quality monitoring; Water Quality Index; water pollution; Spatio-temporal analysis

Gacoki Thomas Gicira (Kenya):
Polynomial Transformation of Cassini Coordinates to UTM on the Excel Spreadsheet (9237)
Keywords: n/a

Abdulvahit Torun (Turkey):
Geodata Enabled Hierarchical Blockchain Architecture for Resolving Boundary Conflicts in Cadastre Surveys and Land Registration (9260)
Keywords: GIM; Cadastre; Land management; land registry, surveying, boundary, blockchain, GIS, CAD, database

Wan Anom Wan Aris, Tajul Ariffin Musa, Kamaludin Mohd Omar (Malaysia) and Abdullah Hisam Omar (Malaysia):
Non-Linear Crustal Deformation Modeling for Dynamic Reference Frame: A Case Study in Peninsular Malaysia (9268)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Deformation measurement; Reference frames

Irem Yakar (Turkey):
Height System Modernization and Geoid Modelling Studies In Turkey (9254)
Keywords: Positioning; Reference systems; Vertical Datum,Geoid Models,Height System Modernization,Vertical Geodetic Networks

FIG Working Week 2017 – Helsinki, Finland May 29 - June 2, 2017
Nor Zetty Akhtar Abdul Hamid and Samsung Lim (Australia):
A Whole-of-Government Approach to Bruneian Geospatial Data Management (8522)
Keywords: Geospatial data management strategy, e-government, Australia, Singapore, Brunei

Sølve Bærug (Norway):
Legal, Tolerated, Illegal: IVS Market Value Definition and the “Legally Permissible” (8559)
Keywords: Valuation; Market value definition; legally acceptable; International Valuation Standards; tolerated use

Efi Dimopoulou and Dimitra-Efstathia Andrianesi (Greece):
Investigating an Interoperability Platform for Sustainable Land Management (8555)
Keywords: Land management; Building Information Model; 3D ownership information; Sustainable Land Management; open standards; interoperability

Tanja Dufek (Germany):
Concept of Autonomous UUV/USV Operations for Harbor Surveys (8554)
Keywords: Hydrography

Harry Ferdiansyah (Germany):
Scheme for Enriching Authoritative Geospatial Information using Participatory Mapping Data in Indonesia (8520)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; GIM; Spatial Data Enrichment; Participatory Mapping; Geospatial Information Act

Leikny Gammelmo (Norway):
Should People Trust Information from the Cadastre? – the Case of Public Administrative Usage in Norway (8501)
Keywords: Professional practice; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; Access to land; Legislation; History; real property; public administration; trust; information

Vassilis Gikas, Harris Perakis (Greece), Allison Kealy (Australia), Guenther Retscher (Austria) and Constantinos Antoniou (Germany):
Indoor Parking Facilities Management Based on RFID CoO Positioning in Combination with Wi-Fi and UWB (8576)
Keywords: Positioning; Low cost technology; indoor parking facilities management, integrated positioning, RFID, Wi-Fi, UWB

Lara Humby and Jennifer Whittal (South Africa):
3D Cadastral Parcels in South Africa – Representing the Third Dimension in the South African Cadastral System (8537)
Keywords: Cadastre; Legislation; 3D cadastre; property rights; 3D property objects; South African property legislation

Olajide Timothy Ibironke, Olufisayo Adewumi Adedokun, Isaac Olaniyi Aje and Oladele Johnson Agboola (Nigeria):
Assessment of Risk Factors Associated with Building Projects in a Developing Country (8485)
Keywords: Building projects; construction practitioners; developing country; project performance; risk factors.

Chan K (Hong Kong SAR, China):
Assessing the Management Implications from Change of Ownership in Public Real Estate (8524)
Keywords: Professional practice; Land management; Valuation; Real estate development; Privatization, divestment, government assets, customer satisfaction, social effects, service quality.

Felician Komu (Tanzania):
Property Valuation Systems and Methods in Tanzania- An Empirical Analysis (8551)
Keywords: Professional practice; Standards; Valuation

Maphale Lopang (Botswana):
Towards the Augmented Reality of Botswana Tribal Villages (8518)
Keywords: GSDI; GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Laser scanning; Digital cadastre; Bridge surveying; Land management; Spatial planning; Low cost technology; Augmented Reality; Tribal Village; Land Ownership; Physical Planning; Utilities

Wallace Mukupa (China, PR), Gethin Roberts (United Kingdom), Craig Hancock and Khalil Al-Manasir (China, PR):
Correction of Terrestrial LiDAR Data Using a Hybrid Model (8547)
Keywords: Laser scanning; Remote sensing; Engineering survey; Terrestrial Laser Scanning; LiDAR; Intensity correction; Concrete

Peter Nwilo, Emmanuel Ayodele and Chukwuma Okolie (Nigeria):
Determination of the Impacts of Landscape Offsets on the 30-metre SRTM DEM through a comparative analysis with Bare-Earth Elevations (8560)
Keywords: Digital elevation model; Canopy height model; Bare-earth; Tree offsets; Nigeria

Ayodeji Oke (South Africa), Treasure Ijieh (Nigeria) and Clinton Aigbavboa (South Africa):
Appraisal of Qualitative Factors Affecting Contractors' Tender Price in a Developing Country (8484)
Keywords: Risk management; Quantity surveying; Buildability; Form of tender; Infrastructure procurement; Quantity surveying; Tender price; Tendering process.

Jesper M. Paasch, Märit Walfridsson, Anna Eriksson, Emmy Hedlund and Marija Juric (Sweden):
Abandoned Swedish Joint Facilities and Utility Easements - a Case of “Legal Pollution” (8528)
Keywords: Cadastre; Land management; Legislation; Rights, Restrictions, Responsibilities, Joint Facility, Utility Easement, Cadastre, Land Management, Land Administration, Land Use, Legal Pollution

Lukas Rammer, Gerhard Navratil and Julius Ernst (Austria):
After the Disaster –Cadastral Processes to Establish Legal Security (8519)
Keywords: Professional practice; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; Land readjustment; Security of tenure; Spatial planning; Legislation

Ashokkumar Shrestha, Purna Nepali and Reshma Shrestha (Nepal):
Livelihoods of Squatter Settlements: Analysis from Tenure Perspective (8536)
Keywords: Informal settlements

Fernando Soares, Maria Henriques and Rocha César (Portugal):
Concrete Block Tracking in Breakwater Models (8550)
Keywords: Coastal Zone Management; Photogrammetry; Engineering survey; Deformation measurement; 3D Breakwaters Monitoring; Point clouds; Least Squares

Harald Sternberg and Thomas Willemsen (Germany):
Position Estimation Based on MEMS Inertial Sensors for the Use as Pedestrian Navigation (8558)
Keywords: Positioning; Engineering survey; Low cost technology; Indoor Navigation, MEMS, Position estimation, Particle filter, Pedestrian

Gacoki Thomas Gicira (Kenya):
Computation of Curve Staking out Coordinates on the Excel Spreadsheet (8671)
Keywords: n/a

Manohar Velpuri (Denmark), Madhu Aman Sharma (Canada), Maringanti Chetan (Switzerland), Anusha Pidugu (USA) and Jyothsna Velpuri (Australia):
Improving Access to Credit in Property Markets using Blockchain (8515)
Keywords: Land management; Access to land; Valuation; Real estate development; Affordable housing

Jinyue Wang, Martin Metzner and Volker Schwieger (Germany):
Accuracy and Quality Assessment of Various Digital Road Maps for Wrong-Way Driving Detection on German Autobahn (8614)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Valuation; digital road map; geometric accuracy; completeness; map matching algorithm; vehicle trajectory; wrong-way driving

Habtemicael Weldegiorgis (Eritrea):
The Role of National Park Development in 'Recovery from Disaster' (8492)
Keywords: Professional practice; Standards; Education; Capacity building; Cartography; Engineering survey; Cadastre; Land management; Land distribution; Security of tenure; Access to land; Implementation of plans; Risk management; Legislation; Low cost technology; History

Haodong Zhang and Conrad Tang (Hong Kong SAR, China):
A Participatory Model for the Assessment of Cadastral Survey Systems – Case study report of Hong Kong (8591)
Keywords: Cadastral survey system; performance assessment; participatory approach; benchmarking

Li Zhang and Volker Schwieger (Germany):
Investigation of a L1-optimzed Choke Ring Ground Plane for a Low-Cost GPS Receiver-System (8513)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Engineering survey; Deformation measurement; Low cost technology; Multipath effect, choke ring

FIG Working Week 2016 – Christchurch, New Zealand May 2-6, 2016
Muyiwa Agunbiade (Australia) and Abiodun Kolawole (Nigeria):
Rethinking the Role of Land Administration in Housing Production: a Contemporary Perspective (7977)
Keywords: Land management; Security of tenure; Access to land; Spatial planning; Real estate development; Affordable housing; Housing production; land administration; land management; production; process; integration

Farzad Alamdar, Mohsen Kalantari and Abbas Rajabifard (Australia):
Development of a Sensor Web-Based Disaster Decision Support System for Integrating Multi-Agency Sensor Information (7991)
Keywords: Standards; Geoinformation/GI; Risk management; Low cost technology; Multi-agency, Disaster management, Sensor information integration, In situ sensing, OGC Sensor Web Enablement, Sensor web services

Sam Amirebrahimi, Abbas Rajabifard, Priyan Mendis, Tuan Ngo and Soheil Sabri (Australia):
A Planning Decision Support Tool for Evaluation and 3D Visualisation of Building Risks in Flood Prone Areas (7999)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Risk management; Flood; Visualisation; BIM; Building

Behnam Atazadeh, Mohsen Kalantari, Abbas Rajabifard, Tom Champion and Serene Ho (Australia):
Harnessing BIM for 3D Digital Management of Stratified Ownership Rights in Buildings (7968)
Keywords: Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Building information model; 3D ownership information; Complex building structures; Subdivision plans; 3D digital data environment

Ralf Becker, Stefan Herle, Rainer Lehfeldt, Peter Fröhle and Jürgen Jensen (Germany):
Distributed and Sensor Based Spatial Data Infrastructure for Dike Monitoring (8000)
Keywords: Standards; Geoinformation/GI; GSDI; Hydrography; Coastal Zone Management; Risk management

Kh Chan (Hong Kong SAR, China):
Improving Quality from Outsourcing in Real Estate (7998)
Keywords: Professional practice; Standards; Real estate development

Dexter Davis, Charisse Griffith-Charles, Sasha Addo and Nikita Morris (Trinidad And Tobago):
Aerial Survey Solutions for Encroachments and Informal Settlements: Case Studies in Trinidad and Tobago (8028)
Keywords: Digital Photogrammetry, Encroachments, Land Monitoring, LiDAR, Squatter Regularisation

Walter Timo De Vries (Germany):
Post Disaster Consolidation of Land, Memory and Identity (8007)
Keywords: Land management; Land readjustment; Land distribution; Access to land; Implementation of plans; Urban renewal; History; land consolidation, public value, memory consolidation, identity, urban re-development, post disaster management disaster planning

Paul Denys and Christopher Pearson (New Zealand):
Positioning in Active Deformation Zones - Implications for NetworkRTK and GNSS Processing Engines (8012)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Deformation measurement; Reference frames; Active Deformation Dynamic datums

Leslie Downie and Jenny Whittal (South Africa):
Social Tenure Based on Intimacy – Avoiding Family Disasters: South African Marital Contracts as an Innovative Pro-Poor Land Tool (8008)
Keywords: Cadastre; Security of tenure; Access to land; Affordable housing; marital agreements, pro-poor land tool

Vanessa Guzman, Daniel Paez (Colombia) and Abbas Rajabifard (Australia):
Colombian Emergency Response Platform (PCRE): Design and Testing of a Sdi- Based System to Facilitate Disaster Management in Colombia (8044)
Keywords: Risk management

Ken Harima, Suelynn Choy and Chris Rizos (Australia):
Performance of Real-time Precise Point Positioning in New Zealand (8010)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning

Corinna Harmening (Austria), Stephanie Kauker (Germany), Hans-Berndt Neuner (Austria) and Volker Schwieger (Germany):
Terrestrial Laserscanning - Modeling of Correlations and Surface Deformations (8030)
Keywords: Positioning; Laser scanning; Deformation measurement

Kelly Henderson (Australia):
Light Years Ahead: the Role of Design and Survey in Disaster Risk Management, Future-Proofing Adelaide (8019)
Keywords: Cartography; Coastal Zone Management; Cadastre; Land management; Spatial planning; Risk management; History; Colonization, Land administration

Andreas Hendricks (Germany):
Distance Dependent Approach for the Determination of Standard Land Values by Multiple Regression (7936)
Keywords: Valuation; standard land values; multiple regression; distance dependent approach; travel time

Juhana Hiironen, Pauliina Krigsholm, Kirsikka Riekkinen, Karin Kolis and Arvo Vitikainen (Finland):
Evaluation of Land Fragmentation in Agricultural Areas: Farmers Perspective (7939)
Keywords: Land management; Land readjustment; Land Fragmentation; Property Structure; Land Consolidation

Simon Hull and Jennifer Whittal (South Africa):
Towards a Framework for Assessing the Impact of Cadastral Development on Land Rights-Holders (7995)
Keywords: Capacity building; e-Governance; Cadastre; Security of tenure; cadastral development; land administration; impact analysis; evaluation framework; land rights

Ibrahim Usman Jibril (Nigeria):
Thirty Five Years of Land Administration in The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria (8032)
Keywords: Land management; Security of tenure; Access to land; Implementation of plans; Informal settlements; Legislation; : Land Administration, Cadastral, Resettlement Issues, Squatter Settlements, Computerization, Land Information System, Geographic Information System.

Vince Mangioni (Australia):
The Role of Recurrent Land Tax and Revenue Trends in Australia (8053)
Keywords: Property taxes

Ngo Mau (Viet Nam), David Mitchell (Australia), Donald Grant (New Zealand) and Nicholas Chrisman (Canada):
Accessibility to Land Administration by Grassroots Stakeholders in Vietnam: Case Study of Vinh Long Province (7992)
Keywords: e-Governance; Land management; Access to land; land stakeholder perception; land administration; Vietnam

Željko Obradović (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Željko Bačić (Croatia):
Land Tenure and Land Consolidation Issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia (8037)
Keywords: Cadastre; Land management; Land distribution; Security of tenure; Access to land; land consolidation, land tenure, ownership, state owned agricultural land

Dupe Olayinka and Chukwuma Okolie (Nigeria):
Satellite-Derived Bathymetry Modelling in Shallow Water: A Case Study of Lighthouse Creek, Lagos (8059)
Keywords: Bathymetry; Satellite-Derived Bathymetry; Shallow Water; Echo Sounding; Least Squares

Christopher Pearson (New Zealand), Niraj Manandhar (Nepal) and Paul Denys (New Zealand):
Towards a Modernized Geodetic Datum for Nepal: Options for Developing an Accurate Terrestrial Reference Frame Following the April 25, 2015 Mw7.8 Gorkha Earthquake (7970)
Keywords: Deformation measurement; Reference systems; Reference frames; Nepal, dynamic datums

Guenther Retscher and Hannes Hofer (Austria):
Wi-Fi Location Fingerprinting Using an Intelligent Checkpoint Sequence (7993)
Keywords: Positioning; Low cost technology

Guenther Retscher and Thomas Tatschl (Austria):
Differential Wi-Fi – A Novel Approach for Wi-Fi Positioning Using Lateration (7973)
Keywords: Positioning; Low cost technology

Clare Robertson, Mark Dyer and Nic Donnelly (New Zealand):
Locating Property Boundaries After Shallow Land Movement – the Canterbury Experience (7963)
Keywords: Cadastre; Legislation; earthquake

Matthias Soot, Alexandra Weitkamp, Hamza Alkhatib, Alexander Dorndorf and Anja Jeschke (Germany):
Analysis on Different Market Data for Real Estate Valuation – Investigations on German Real Estate Market (8024)
Keywords: Land management; Valuation

Dimo Todorovski, Paul Van Der Molen and Jaap Zevenbergen (Netherlands):
Post-Conflict Land Administration, Facilitator of Post-Conflict State Building (8071)
Keywords: Cadastre; Land management; Security of tenure; land administration, post-conflict land administration, post-conflict state building

Jennifer Whittal and Khanyisa Rikhotso (South Africa):
Initial Testing of the New Continuum of Land Rights Model in a Rural South African Case Study Area - Giyani (8016)
Keywords: Cadastre; Security of tenure; Access to land

FIG Working Week 2015 – Sofia, Bulgaria May 17-21, 2015
Ashraf Abdallah and Volker Schwieger (Germany):
Kinematic Precise Point Positioning (PPP) Solution for Hydrographic Applications (7506)
Keywords: Kinematic GNSS-PPP; Hydrographic applications; Bernese software

Ngozi Ac-Chukwuocha (Nigeria):
Dynamics of Land Use Changes in Otamiri Watershed of Owerri, South East Nigeria (7536)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Spatial planning

Berhanu Alemie, Jaap Zevenbergen and Rohan Bennett (Netherlands):
Assessing Urban Land Governance in Ethiopian Cities (2002-2011): Lessons for the 2011 Urban Land Management Policy Implementation (7477)
Keywords: Cadastre; land administration; urban land governance; urban land policy

Ana-Cornelia Badea and Gheorghe Badea (Romania):
A Blended Educational Training in Surveying and Cadastre (7479)
Keywords: Education; Curricula; Cadastre; online; blended learning

Gheorghe Badea and Ana-Cornelia Badea (Romania):
From Cadastral Background of Romania to the Present (7512)
Keywords: Cadastre; Access to land; Legislation; History; land book; real estate

Chrysi Balta (Greece), Dan Van der Horst (United Kingdom) and Chryssy Potsiou (Greece):
A Tool to Facilitate Energy Retrofitting Policies for Urban Residencies in Greece (7491)
Keywords: Land management; Spatial planning; Urban renewal; Real estate development; Young surveyor; energy policy; energy & carbon savings

Sevasti Chalkidou and Apostolos Arvanitis (Greece):
Building a Cellular Automata Model for Land-Use Change Simulation Using Cadastral Data – a Case Study in Northern Greece (7476)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Cadastre; Land management; Spatial planning

Suelynn Choy, Frank Fu, John Dawson, Minghai Jia and Yuriy Kuleshov (Australia):
Application of GNSS Atmospheric Sounding for Climate Studies in the Australian Region (7574)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Remote sensing; Atmosphere; Climate

Akajiaku Chukwuocha and Ngozi Ac-Chukwuocha (Nigeria):
Geographic Information Systems Based Urban Drainage Efficiency Factors (7526)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Hydrography; Engineering survey; Spatial planning; Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Drainage Efficiency Factors (DEF); Urban Flooding; Digital Elevation Model (DEM); Drainage Location; Drainage Alignment; Drainage Slope; Drainage Size

Stefano Gandolfi, Luca Poluzzi and Luca Tavasci (Italy):
Structures Monitoring Using GNSS Technology and Sequential Filtering (7540)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Engineering survey; kinematic positioning; RTKLIB; structure monitoring; Garisenda tower; sequential filtering

Juhana Hiironen, Kirsikka Niukkanen and Hanna Tuominen (Finland):
The Impact of a New Subway Line on Property Values in Helsinki Metropolitan Area (7471)
Keywords: Land management; Urban renewal; Valuation; Real estate development; Property taxes

Ľubica Hudecová (Slovakia):
The Effectiveness of Land Consolidation in Slovakia (7499)
Keywords: Cadastre; Land management; land consolidation; real estate registering; registering of the titles to real estate; injustice against property owners; land ownership fragmentation

Line Hvingel and Lasse Baaner (Denmark):
eReady Land Administration Legislation - The Spatial Dimension (7520)
Keywords: e-Governance; Land management; Legislation; Spatial Data Infrastructure; Authoritative data

Ľubica Ilkovičová, Pavol Kajánek and Alojz Kopáčik (Slovakia):
Pedestrian Trajectory Determination in Indoor Environments (7492)
Keywords: Positioning; Low cost technology; Young surveyor; Inertial Measurement System; Accelerometers; Gyroscopes; Step Detection Algorithm

Anna B.O. Jensen (Sweden) and Anders Almholt (Denmark):
Geodetic Infrastructure and Positioning for the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link (7508)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Engineering survey; Tunnel surveying; Reference systems; Reference frames; Geodesy; height system; geoid model

Alexander Karpik and Elena Gienko (Russia):
The Estimation of Geodetic Datum Transformation Parameters (7538)
Keywords: geodetic datum transformation parameters; equation system conditioning number for a system of linear equations; geocentric coordinate system (geocentric datum); coordinate reference system (reference datum)

Karin Kolis, Juhana Hiironen, Esa Ärölä and Arvo Vitikainen (Finland):
Profitability of Forest Land Consolidation – a Finnish Case Study (7488)
Keywords: Land management; land consolidation; forestry; cost-benefit analysis

Evangelia Lambrou and Konstantinos Nikolitsas (Greece):
Modeling the Uncertainty of Directions Measurement by Using Total Stations (7514)
Keywords: Standards; Engineering survey; Total Station; metrological check; uncertainty equation; directions measurement; Monte Carlo method; scale of the total station.

Murat Meha (Kosovo), Joep Crompvoets (Belgium), Muzafer Çaka and Denis Pitarka (Kosovo):
Implementing a National Spatial Data Infrastructure for a Modern Kosovo (7451)
Keywords: GSDI; National spatial Data Infrastructure; Republic of Kosovo; Strategy

Luis Miguel Miranda and Daniel Paez (Colombia):
Evaluation of Three Dimension Laser Scanning of Aircraft Surfaces for Detecting and Measuring Impact Damage (7535)
Keywords: Laser scanning; aircraft; dent

Krishna Mochtar (Indonesia):
Problems in Materials and Equipment Procurement of Indonesian Contractors (7454)
Keywords: availability; database

George Mourafetis, Charalabos Ioannidis, Anastasios Doulamis and Chryssy Potsiou (Greece):
Dynamic 3D representation of information using low cost Cloud ready Technologies (7519)
Keywords: Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Low cost technology; Dynamic 3D visualization; Cloud platform

Joseph Odumosu, Oluibukun Ajayi, Yusuf Opaluwa, Abdullahi Kuta and A Taiwo (Nigeria):
Analysis of the Spatio-Temporal Variability and Impact of Tropospheric Delay on the Positional Accuracy in GNSS PPP Observations (7566)
Keywords: n/a

Godswill Okoroafor Orji and Godwill Tamunobiekiri Pepple (Nigeria):
Wetland Inventory and Mapping for Ikorodu Local Government Area, Lagos, Nigeria (7473)
Keywords: Coastal Zone Management; Remote sensing

Daniel Paez and Luis Alberto Rubio (Colombia):
The Use of Field Trips in the Context of Engineering Collaborative Teaching Experiences of Hands-On Geomatics Activities in Colombia (7484)
Keywords: Professional practice; Education; Engineering survey; Young surveyor; geomatics; field trip; education

Annette Schmitt and Volker Schwieger (Germany):
Quality Control of Robotics Made Timber Plates (7472)
Keywords: Positioning; Engineering survey; Deformation measurement; Laser tracker; robotics; timber construction; quality control; deformation analysis

Anita Soni, Stuart Robson and Barry Gleeson (United Kingdom):
Optical Non-Contact Railway Track Measurement with Static Terrestrial Laser Scanning to Better Than 1.5mm RMS (7493)
Keywords: Laser scanning; Engineering survey; Deformation measurement; Railway track; Geometry

Haim Srebro (Israel):
Implementation of Marine Cadastre in Israel (7517)
Keywords: Marine cadastre; Coastal Zone Management; Digital cadastre; SDI; Israel

Kelvin Kang Wee Tang (Malaysia) and Biswajeet Pradhan (India):
Converting Digital Number into Bathymetric Depth: a Case Study over Coastal and Shallow Water of Langkawi Island, Malaysia (7505)
Keywords: Hydrography; Remote sensing; Satellite-derived Bathymetry; Bathymetric Mapping

Dimo Todorovski, Paul Van Der Molen and Jaap Zevenbergen (Netherlands):
Post-Conflict Land Administration; a Facilitator of the Post-Conflict State Building in the Case of Timor-Leste (7490)
Keywords: Cadastre; Land management; conflict; post-conflict; land administration; state building; Timor-Leste

Paul Van Der Molen (Netherlands):
Property, Human Rights and Land Surveyors (7539)
Keywords: Cadastre; human rights; property; land surveyors

Styliani Verykokou and Charalabos Ioannidis (Greece):
Metric Exploitation of a Single Low Oblique Aerial Image (7516)
Keywords: Photogrammetry; Oblique Imagery; Vanishing Points; Errors

Habtemicael Weldegiorgis (Eritrea):
Land Tenure in Eritrea (7442)
Keywords: Capacity building; Cadastre; Land management; Land distribution; Security of tenure; Access to land; Spatial planning; Urban renewal; Informal settlements; Valuation; Property taxes; Affordable housing; Legislation

Ahmet Yilmaz and Hulya Demir (Turkey):
Evaluation of Turkish Land Readjustment (7500)
Keywords: Land management; Land readjustment; Spatial planning; Implementation of plans; Evaluation framework; Benchmarking; Turkey

FIG Congress 2014 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 16-21 June, 2014
Mohd Azwan Abbas, Halim Setan, Zulkepli Majid (Malaysia), Albert K. Chong (Australia) and Derek D. Lichti (Canada):
The Effect of Datum Constraints for Terrestrial Laser Scanners Self-Calibration (6909)
Keywords: Laser scanning; Engineering survey; Terrestrial laser scanner; self-calibration; network configuration; datum constraints

Mohd Sidek Abd Ghafar and Fuziah Abu Hanifah (Malaysia):
MyGeoOntology – An Information-Focused Geospatial Ontology for SDI towards Knowledge Interoperability (6874)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; GIM; GSDI; Geo-ontology, knowledge interoperability, geo-knowledge

Hussein Abd-Elmotaal (Egypt):
Egyptian Geoid using Ultra High-Degree Tailored Geopotential Model (6856)
Keywords: tailored geopotential models; harmonic analysis; window technique; Egypt; geoid determination

Ashraf Abdullah, Abdullah Hisam Omar, Chan Keat Lim, Zakaria Mat Arof and Hasan Jamil (Malaysia):
The Development of Marine Cadastre Conceptual Model for Malaysia (6866)
Keywords: Hydrography; Marine cadastre

Behnam Alizadehashrafi and Siddique Ullah Baig (Malaysia):
Framework for Malaysian 3D SDI in CityGML (6899)
Keywords: External code lists; CityServer3D; Malaysian 3D SDI; 3D City Model interoperability

Siti Nur Afiqah Aman and Zulkiflee Abd Latif (Malaysia):
Spatial mapping of tropical landslides area using LiDAR (6938)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Laser scanning; Remote sensing; Spatial planning; Landslides

Isaac Boateng (United Kingdom):
Assessing Climate Change Induced Displacements and Its Potential Impacts on Climate Refugees: How Can Surveyors Help with Adaptation? (6779)
Keywords: Capacity building; Risk management; Climate change, climate induced disaster, sea level rise, Disaster-Risk Management, climate refugee, adaptation

Siti Nor Afzan Buyadi, Wan Mohd Naim Wan Mohd and Alamah Misni (Malaysia):
Quantifying Green Space Cooling Effects on the Urban Microclimate using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques (6897)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Remote sensing; Urban Heat Island; urban green space; mono-window algorithm; cooling effects.

Teng Chee Hua, Mohd Yunus Mohd Yusoff and Nur Zurairah Abdul Halim (Malaysia):
The Development of 3D City Model for Putrajaya MPC Database (6816)
Keywords: e-Governance; Laser scanning; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; Multipurpose Cadastre; Database development

Suelynn Choy, Yong Li, Thomas Grinter (Australia), Yaka Wakabayashi (Japan) and Mohammad Choudhury (Australia):
Performance of Real-Time Precise Point Positioning Using MADOCA-LEX Augmentation messages (6906)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS

Akajiaku Chukwuocha and Ngozi Ac-Chukwuocha (Nigeria):
From Spot Heights to Cell Heights: the Processing and Dynamics of the Digital Elevation Model Data Structures (6916)
Keywords: Curricula; Spot height; Contour; Digital Elevation Model (DEM; Digital Terrain Model (DTM); Digital Terrain Analysis (DTA); Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN); Surveyors; Environmental phenomena

Dino Dragun, Ana Gavran and Car Vedran (Croatia):
Hydrographic Survey of the River Drava Branches in the Process of Revitalization, Flood Control and Morphological Monitoring (6869)
Keywords: Hydrography; Young surveyor; methodlogical monitoring, forecast system

Edward Duncan and Bernad Siew (Malaysia):
A Geometric-Topologic Exemplification for 3D Cadastre (6913)
Keywords: Digital cadastre; Cadastre

Mehmet Ertas (Turkey):
Using Bare Valuation Method in Valuation of Rural Area (6850)
Keywords: Land management; Valuation; Valuation of rural area, local capitalization rate, Bare Valuation Method

Don Grant, Mark Dyer and Anselm Haanen (New Zealand):
A New Zealand Strategy for Cadastre 2034 (6845)
Keywords: Digital cadastre; Cadastre; 3D cadastre; dynamic cadastre; cadastral strategy

M.d.e.k. Gunathilaka (Sri Lanka) and Mohd Razali Mahmud (Malaysia):
Ceaseless Tidal Zoning for Straits of Malacca using Spatial Interpolation (6921)
Keywords: Hydrography; Tidal Modelling; Ceaseless Tidal Zoning; Spatial Interpolation; Offshore Navigation

Alireza Hamedianfar, Helmi Zulhaidi Mohd Shafri, Shattri Mansor and Noordin Ahmad (Malaysia):
Detailed Urban Object-Based Classifications from Worldview-2 Imagery and LiDAR Data: Supervised Vs. Fuzzy Rule-Based (6795)
Keywords: Remote sensing; Object-based classification, LiDAR data, WorldView-2 imagery, urban area

Isa Hamid-Mosaku, Mohd Razali Mahmud and Mohd Safie Mohd (Malaysia):
Marine activities and Delineation Zones: In the context of Marine Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MGDI) decision (6890)
Keywords: Marine cadastre; MGDI decision, Marine activities, Multiple alternative solutions, Dynamic analytic network process (D_ANP)

Mazlan Hashim, Siew Wei Jaw and Samsudin Ahmad (Malaysia):
A Conceptual Framework for Underground Utility Mapping Accuracy Assessment Using Ground Penetrating Radar (6833)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; conceptual framework, accuracy assessment, underground utility mapping, ground penetrating radar

Mazlan Hashim, Mohd Syafiq Shukor (Malaysia), Shinya Numata (Japan), Samsudin Ahmad and Syarifuddin Misbari (Malaysia):
Mapping and Modelling of Animal Diversity Index in Green Campus Using Integrated Geospatial Technique and In-Situ Camera Trapping (6807)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Animal, biodiversity index; remote sensing, World View2

Maria Henriques, Ana Fonseca, Dora Roque, José Lima and João Marnoto (Portugal):
Assessment Quality of an Uav-Based Orthomosaic and Surface Model of a Breakwater (6951)
Keywords: Cartography; Positioning; Photogrammetry; Engineering survey; Deformation measurement; Low cost technology

Severin Heuboeck and Retscher Guenther (Austria):
Agricultural Forest Applications and Boundary Surveys Using Low-cost High Sensitivity GPS (HS-GPS) Receivers (6812)
Keywords: Professional practice; GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Low cost technology

Juhana Hiironen, Kirsikka Niukkanen, Juha Ohrankämmen and Ari Laitala (Finland):
'margin of Error' in Property Valuations – Is There a Need for Safety Margins in Compulsory Acquisitions? (6819)
Keywords: Land management; Valuation; margin of error; property valuation; safety margin; compulsory acquisition; compensation

Saiful Aman Hj Sulaiman, Kamaluddin Hj Talib, Othman Mohd Yusof, Jasmee Jaafar and Mat Akhir Md Wazir (Malaysia):
Geoid Model Estimation Without Additive Correction Using KTH Approach for Peninsular Malaysia (6809)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; KTH, Geoid, LSMS

Kamaluddin Hj Talib, Saiful Aman Hj Sulaiman, Mohd Zainee Zainal, Jasmee Jaafar and Azahari Mohamed (Malaysia):
Absolute & Relative GPS Orthometric Heights Using Regional Fitted Geoid (6810)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Absolute, Relative,Heighting, Static

Nurul H Idris, Fathin Nazri (Malaysia), Mike Jackson (United Kingdom), Mohamad Said and Mohamad H I Ishak (Malaysia):
Semi-Automated Metadata Detection for Assessing the Credibility of Map Mashup (6900)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Low cost technology; Map Mashup; Web Crawler; Metadata; Credibility; Web GIS

Jaafar Jasmee, Suriati Juhari and Roslina Idris (Malaysia):
Enhancement of Parcel Based Spatial Information Via Quick Response (QR) Code (6861)
Keywords: Professional practice; Education; Geoinformation/GI; Positioning; Digital cadastre; Bridge surveying; Cadastre; Land management; Access to land; History; Reference systems; Certified Plan; Land Title; QR code; Google Earth/Maps

Norhaya Kamarudin and Dzurllkanian Daud (Malaysia):
Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal(CAMA)Application for Property Tax Administration Improvement in Malaysia (6855)
Keywords: n/a

Naveen Kariyawasam, Simitkumar Raval and Ali Shamsoddini (Australia):
Incorporating Remote Sensing as a Tool to Assist Rehabilitation Monitoring in a Dolomite Mining Operation in South Australia (6966)
Keywords: Remote sensing; Mine surveying; Land management; Mine rehabilitation, Spectral derivatives

Ting Kien Hwa (Malaysia):
Retail Market Studies for the Capital Market: Form Versus Substance (6792)
Keywords: Standards; Land management

Edward Kwesi, Peter Ekow Baffoe, Kwame Tenadu and Jones Ofori Boadu (Ghana):
Challenges of Land Acquisition the in the Mining Communities of Tarkwa, Ghana (6950)
Keywords: Land management; Access to land; Land- Acquisition; Land- Ownership; Land-Boundaries; Mining-Activities; Boundary-Markers.

Tan Liat Choon and Looi Kam Seng (Malaysia):
Developing Infrastructure Framework to Facilitate the Malaysian Multipurpose 3d Cadastre (6794)
Keywords: Cadastre; land administration, land information, multipurpose 3D cadastre, National Digital Cadastral Database

Mengchan Lim and Halim Setan (Malaysia):
A Practical Deformation Monitoring Procedure and Software System for Cors Coordinate Monitoring (6838)
Keywords: Deformation measurement; CORS monitoring; deformation analysis; IWST; Bernese; S-transformation

Gyneth Magiri and Geoffrry Cheruiyot (Kenya):
Geographical Information System Based Valaution Roll for Optimal Land Taxation in Nairobi City County (6800)
Keywords: Cadastre; Valuation; Property taxes; GIS; valuation Roll; Land Rates; Nairobi City County

Vince Mangioni (Australia):
Modernising Compensation Principles for the Regeneration of Land Uses in Highly Urbanised Locations (6844)
Keywords: Urban renewal; Valuation; Reinstatement, Solatium, Disturbance, Traditional Purposes, Economic Development

Shattri Mansor and Habibeh Valizadeh Alvan (Malaysia):
Earthquake Precursor from Satellite Imagery: Signals or Just Noise? (6885)
Keywords: Remote sensing; Earthquake precursor, disaster management

Audrey Martin, Kevin Mooney and Eugene McGovern (Ireland):
Development of a New Msc in Geospatial Engineering (6864)
Keywords: Education; Capacity building; Geoinformation/GI; Geospatial Education, Spatial information Sciences, Masters, Geomatics

Edi Meier (Switzerland), Rudolf Widmer-Schnidrig (Germany) and Christophe Nussbaum (Switzerland):
Deformations and global forces: Seismic and Hydrostatic Leveling records in the « Mont Terri » rock laboratory (Switzerland) (6887)
Keywords: Engineering survey; Mine surveying; Deformation measurement; Broadband seismometer, hydrostatic leveling system, high-precision ground deformation, long-term stability, vertical displacement, synchrotron, Earth tides

Nor Ashikin Mohamed Yusof and Mohd Yunus Mohd Yusoff (Malaysia):
Level of Readiness of Malaysian Surveying Professionals in Facing Liberalization (6818)
Keywords: Professional practice; Capacity building; liberalization ; surveying profession ; formulating policy ; business sustainability

Tajul Ariffin Musa, Abdullah Hisam Omar, Ivin Amri Musliman, Siti Syukriah Khamdan and Yip Kit Meng (Malaysia):
RFID-Based Cadastral Boundary Mark System (RCBMS) (6865)
Keywords: Cadastre

Masakuni Nakayama, Bhuwneshwar Prasad Sah, Raghunath Jha, Senthil Selvaraj (Japan) and Yakubu Mohamed (Ghana):
GNSS Supported Survey and Open Source Web GIS for Forest Inventory and Its Management (6876)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Low cost technology; Web GIS, Forest Inventory, GCP

Enrico Paringit, Louie Balicanta and Czar Jakiri Sarmiento (Philippines):
Survey Requirements for River Flood Assessment and Spatial Planning: Experiences from LiDAR and River Hydrographic Measurements in the Philippines (6785)
Keywords: Hydrography; Laser scanning; Engineering survey; Spatial planning; Risk management

Godwill Tamunobiekiri Pepple (Nigeria):
Temporal Deforestation Assessment Survey of Wetlands in Port Harcourt City Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria. (6780)
Keywords: Remote sensing; Deforestation assessment

Biswajeet Pradhan and Omar F. Alahuwaynee (Malaysia):
Ensemble of Data-Driven EBF Model with Knowledge Based AHP Model for Slope Failure Assessment in GIS Using Cluster Pattern Inventory (6811)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Remote sensing; Risk management; Landslide; GIS; Spatial Pattern Analysis; Nearest Neighbor Index; Ensemble method; Malaysia.

Khamarrul Razak, Rozaimi Che Hasan, Mohd Azwan Abbas, Lau Chong Luh and Zulkepli Majid (Malaysia):
Topographic Laser Scanning of Landslide Geomorphology System: Some Practical and Critical Issues (6939)
Keywords: Laser scanning; Remote sensing; Natural Disaster, Complex landslides, Laser Scanning-derived products

Guenther Retscher (Austria):
The Fourth Layer in Collaborative Navigation – Going Underground (6832)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Low cost technology

Mohd Sanusi S. Ahamad and Mohamad Yusry Abu Bakar (Malaysia):
GIS Based Prescriptive Model for Solving Optimal Land Allocation (6783)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Land management; Land distribution

Siti Aekbal Salleh, Eran Sadek Said Md. Sadek and Wan Mohd Naim Wan Mohd (Malaysia):
The Panoramic VR Integration of Web-based GIS Residential Property Marketing Information System (WGPMIS) (6915)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Real estate development; Web GIS; Property GIS; marketing GIS

Siti Aekbal Salleh and Andy Chan (Malaysia):
Land Surface Albedo Determination: Remote Sensing, Ground and Statistical Validation (6910)
Keywords: Remote sensing; Climate, Albedo and Modelling

Benjamin Schnitzer and Tine Koehler (Germany):
Urban Mining – a Geospatial data challenge (6946)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Digital cadastre; Land management; Access to land; Spatial planning; urban mining; resources; SDI; data management; renewable land management; urban facility management; city lifecycle management

Robin Seet (Malaysia), David Forrest and Jim Hansom (United Kingdom):
Determining the Maritime Baseline for Marine Cadastre (6839)
Keywords: Marine cadastre; Positioning; Cadastre; marine cadastre, low water line, maritime baseline, digital terrain model

Dhakal Shital (Nepal) and Dennis M. Fox (France):
GIS Modeling of Impact of Forest Fire in Runoff Pattern in a Mediterranean Catchment (6841)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Hydrography; Remote sensing; Spatial planning; Risk management; Hydrological Modeling; GIS ; RS

Chengxi Bernad Siew and Khairul Hafiz Sharkawi (Malaysia):
A Tightly-coupled XML encoder-decoder for 3D Data Transaction: A City Modelling Scenario (6903)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; GSDI; XML; Encoder; Decoder; Data Transaction

Michael Sutherland (Canada), Keith Miller, Dexter Davis, Amit Seeram and Demi Singh (Trinidad And Tobago):
Modeling Projections of Potential Sea Level Rise Impacts on Some Caribbean Communities: Is it Worth the Effort? (6928)
Keywords: Hydrography; Coastal Zone Management

Renoald Tang, Halim Setan and Zulkepli Majid (Malaysia):
Hybrid Technique for Three-Dimensional Modeling from Close Range Laser Scanner’s Point Clouds (6871)
Keywords: Laser scanning; 3D Modeling

Mohammad Zakri Tarmidi, Abdul Rashid Mohamed Shariff, Zelina Zaiton Ibrahim, Ahmad Rodzi Mahmud and Abdul Halim Hamzah (Malaysia):
Issues and Challenges in Managing Malaysia’s Marine Spatial Information Sharing (6796)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; GSDI; Hydrography

Hrvoje Tomić, Siniša Mastelić, Ivić and Miodrag Roić (Croatia):
Transparent Valuation as a Planning Support for Just Land Management System (LMS) (6891)
Keywords: Cadastre; Land management; Land readjustment; Spatial planning; Valuation; mass valuation

Uznir Ujang, Alias Abdul Rahman (Malaysia) and François Anton (Denmark):
An Approach of Instigating 3D City Model in Urban Air Pollution Modeling for Sustainable Urban Development in Malaysia (6882)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Spatial planning; Air Quality Modeling; Sustainable Urban Development

Paul Van Der Molen (Netherlands):
Engaging the Challenge of Rapid Urbanization and Slum Upgrading and Enhancing the Role of Land Surveyors (6929)
Keywords: Cadastre; Land readjustment; Security of tenure; Access to land; Spatial planning; Urban renewal; Informal settlements; Valuation; Property taxes; Affordable housing; Low cost technology

Manohar Velpuri and Anusha Pidugu (Singapore):
City Biodiversity index and its linkage to Real estate pricing (6956)
Keywords: Land management; Valuation; Real estate development; Property taxes; city biodiversity index

Styliani Verykokou and Babis Ioannidis (Greece):
3d Visualization Through Planar Pattern Based Augmented Reality (6814)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Cartography; Photogrammetry; Augmented reality; Computer vision; Features detection; Image matching

Kauko Viitanen (Finland) and Vince Mangioni (Australia):
Valuing Land for Land Tax Purposes in Highly Urbanized Cities (6870)
Keywords: Valuation; Land Value, Highest & Best Use, Property Taxation

Habtemicael Weldegiorgis (Eritrea):
The Eritrean Notary Public in the Context of Global Notaries System (6764)
Keywords: Professional practice; Standards; Education; Capacity building; Cartography; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; Land distribution; Security of tenure; Access to land; Spatial planning; Valuation; Property taxes; Affordable housing; Legislation; History; Eritrean notary public, transactions of immovable property, cadastre system, global notaries system, notarial functions and duties, professional ethics

Nur Amalina Zulkifli, Alias Abdul Rahman, Hasan Jamil, Chee Hua Teng (Malaysia) and Peter Van Oosterom, TAN Liat Choon, LOOI Kam Seng, CHAN Keat Lim (Netherlands):
Towards Malaysian LADM Country Profile for 2D and 3D Cadastral Registration System (6924)
Keywords: Standards; e-Governance; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; LADM; country profile; 2D and 3D cadastre; registration system

FIG Working Week 2013 – Abuja, Nigeria May 6-10, 2013
Joseph Obaje Ataguba (Nigeria):
Land Management Gaps Accounting for Persistent Open-Air Trading in Rural Markets of North-Central Nigeria (6435)
Keywords: Land management; Open-air trading; Rural markets; Ajaka market

Innocent C. Ezeomedo and Joel Igbokwe (Nigeria):
Mapping and Analysis of Landuse and Landcover for Sustainable Development Using High Resolution Satellite Images and GIS Technique (6421)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Remote sensing; Land management; Land distribution; Spatial planning; Landus; Landcover; Change Analysis

Tarun Ghawana (India), Joao Hespanha (Portugal), Pradeep Khandelwal (India) and Peter Van Oosterom (Netherlands):
3D Cadastral Complexities in Dense Urban Areas of Developing countries: Case Studies from Delhi and Satellite Towns (6429)
Keywords: Standards; Digital cadastre; Land management; Urban renewal; 3D Cadastre; Urban Density; Spatial Dimensions; Multi-Stakeholding; Utility Networks

Martin Hagai and Eric Mwaikambo, PhD Candidate (Tanzania):
The Role of Land Information System in Instigating Spatial Enablement of Society and National SDI Development in Tanzania (6445)
Keywords: GSDI; Land management; Land Information System; Spatial Data Infrastructure; Spatially Enabled Society

Pasi Häkli, Ulla Kallio and Jyrki Puupponen (Finland):
From Passive to Active Control Point Networks – Evaluation of Accuracy in Static GPS Surveying (6446)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Reference frames; active stations; passive stations; GNSS; VRS; network-RTK; control point; positioning accuracy

Juhana Hiironen and Kirsikka Niukkanen (Finland):
Possibilities to Reduce Nutrient Loads to Water System in Land Consolidations (6431)
Keywords: Land management; Land readjustment; land consolidation

David Ayock Ishaya, Daniel Dabo and Mohammed Bature (Nigeria):
A Comparative Analysis of Income Producing Potentials of Leisure Properties (Empirical Evidence) Kaduna, Nigeria (6444)
Keywords: Real estate development; analysis.comparative,income,potential,leisure

Iyenemi Ibimina Kakulu, Simeon Igbara, Isaac Akuru and Nekabari Paul Visigah (Nigeria):
Land Access and Community Entry Challenges in Environmental Surveys - Selected cases from the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria (6382)
Keywords: Land management; Access to land; Environmental Surveys; land access restrictions; stakeholder involvement

Chan Kh (Hong Kong SAR, China):
Assessing Sustainable Higher Education for Surveying and Construction (6436)
Keywords: Professional practice; Education; Curricula

David Mitchell (Australia):
How an Effective Spatial Data Infrastructure Can Support Land Administration in Vietnam? (6440)
Keywords: e-Governance; Land management; Spatial Data Infrastructures, land registration, land administration,Vietnam

David Mitchell, Director, Land Centre and Matt Myers (Australia):
Land Valuation and Taxation: Key Tools for Disaster Risk Management (6441)
Keywords: Security of tenure; Valuation; taxation, Disaster Risk Management, emergency response, recovery, reconstruction

Victor, Chukwuemeka Nnam, John, Okwor Nnam and Uchechukwu Godwin Nnam (Nigeria):
Assessment of Urban Development using Supervised Classification of Remotely Sensed Imageries and GIS, A Case Study of Independence Layout (Part of), Enugu, Nigeria (6388)
Keywords: Remote sensing; Cadastre; Land management; Land distribution; Urban development, Supervised Classification, Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System.

Ismail Ojetunde (Nigeria):
Revisiting the Interaction between the Nigerian Residential Property Market and the Macroeconomy (6466)
Keywords: Valuation; Property; Housing

Olufemi Oyedele (Nigeria):
Construction Project Financing for Sustainable Development of Nigerian Cities (6398)
Keywords: Real estate development

FIG Working Week 2012 – Rome, Italy May 6-10, 2012
Zelalem Yirga Adamu (Ethiopia):
Institutional Analysis of Condominium Management System in Amhara Region: The Case of Bahir Dar City (5531)
Keywords: Legislation; Condominium; Owners Associations; Institution Analysis

Daniel Weldegebriel Ambaye (Ethiopia):
Land Rights in Ethiopia (5521)
Keywords: Legislation; land rights; holding rights; expropriation; large-scale agricultural investment

Armands Auzins and Edvins Kapostins (Latvia):
New Land Management Law for Providing a Sustainable Land Management in the Republic of Latvia (5492)
Keywords: Land management; Legislation; sustainable land management; land policy; law; land use; framework

Rohan Bennett (Netherlands), Abbas Rajabifard, Ian Williamson and Jude Wallace (Australia):
Nations Need National Land Administration Infrastructures (5475)
Keywords: Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; land administration; infrastructure; national drivers

Rohan Bennett (Netherlands), Nilofer Tambuwala, Abbas Rajabifard, Ian Williamson and Jude Wallace (Australia):
Contemporary Land Administration: The Importance of Being Infrastructure (5477)
Keywords: Cadastre; land administration; infrastructure; public good; spatial data infrastructure; SDI; critical infrastructure

K Chan (Hong Kong SAR, China):
Protecting the Environment through Waste Minimization (5519)
Keywords: Land management; Land distribution; Access to land; Landfill impacts; solid waste; environmental protection; reducing waste; minimizing waste processes

Gomaa Dawod (Egypt), Khalid Al-Ghamdi, Meraj Mirza and Ramze Elzahrany (Saudi Arabia):
GIS Evaluation of Urban Growth and Flood Hazards: A Case Study of Makkah City, Saudi Arabia (5479)
Keywords: Hydrography; Urban renewal; Risk management; GIS; spatial analysis; urban growth; flood hazards; rainfall-runoff; Saudi Arabia

Siniša Delčev, Vukan Ogrizović and Jelena Gučević (Serbia):
Historical Review of Measurements Using Invar Wires in Serbia (5546)
Keywords: History

Mohamed Elsobeiey and Ahmed El-Rabbany (Canada):
An Improved GPS-Based Precise Point Positioning Model (5569)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Engineering survey

Oren Gal and Yerach Doytsher (Israel):
Spatial 3D Analysis of Built-up Areas (5487)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; 3D visibility; spatial analysis; efficient algorithms; spatial information management

Tarun Ghawana (India), João Hespanha (Portugal) and Jaap Zevenbergen (Netherlands):
Application of Land Administration Domain Model to Recognition of Indigenous Community Rights in Indian Forests - Indian Forest Rights Act, 2006, examined with its Spatial Dimension (5562)
Keywords: Cadastre; Security of tenure; Access to land; Informal settlements; Legislation; Indigenous Property Rights; Land Administration Domain Modelling; Forested Communities

Liza Groenendijk, Rohan Bennett, Paul Van Der Molen and Jaap Zevenbergen (Netherlands):
Land Administration an Academic Discipline: To Be or Not to Be (5559)
Keywords: Education; Capacity building; Cadastre; Land management; land administration; academic discipline; land registration

Richard Grover and Christine Grover (United Kingdom):
Influences on the Strength of Property Rights (5583)
Keywords: Security of tenure

Maria Henriques, José Lima and Sérgio Oliveira (Portugal):
Measuring Inclinations in Cabril Dam with an Optoelectronic Sensor (5507)
Keywords: Engineering survey; Deformation measurement

Christian Hickel and Jörg Blankenbach (Germany):
From Local SDI to E-Government - Case Study in Municipalities in the South of Hesse (5553)
Keywords: Capacity building; Geoinformation/GI; e-Governance; Spatial planning

Juhana Hiironen and Kirsikka Niukkanen (Finland):
Land Consolidation and Its Effect on Climate (5555)
Keywords: Land management; Land distribution; Valuation; land consolidation; climate change; cost-benefit analysis

Fatiha Ibannain (Morocco):
Ontology for Reference Geographical Data Facing the Challenge of Applications Diversity (5543)
Keywords: modeling; semantic; ontology; reference data; cataloguing; standards; SDI

Borvorn Israngkura Na Ayudhya (Thailand):
Factors Causing Delay in Payment of Residential Building Projects in Thailand (5480)
Keywords: Risk management; Real estate development; Construction delay; Residential building; Delay in payment

Ulla Kallio, Hannu Koivula, Sonja Nyberg, Paavo Rouhiainen and Veikko Saarinen (Finland):
GNSS Antenna Offset Field Test in Metsähovi (5580)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; GNSS antenna offset; field calibration

Ulrike Klein and Hartmut Mueller (Germany):
Humans and Environment: Cause and Effect Analysis Supported by Spatial Data Infrastructures (5585)
Keywords: Standards; Geoinformation/GI; GIM; GSDI; e-Governance; Land management; Spatial planning; Risk management; Valuation; Real estate development

Małgorzata Krajewska and Kinga Szopińska (Poland):
Noise Level in Relation to Real Estate Prices in Poland (5538)
Keywords: acoustic climate; noise strategic map; residential real estate; market value of real estate; Poland

Edward Kurwakumire (Zimbabwe) and Nyaradzo Chaminama (Netherlands):
An Analysis of Data Handling Techniques in Zimbabwe (5502)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Cadastre; Low cost technology; Boundary Surveys; Accuracy Standards; GPS Surveys

Phuong Thuy Le (Viet Nam), Jaap Zevenbergen, Christiaan Lemmen, Harry Uitermark (Netherlands) and Quoc Binh Tran (Viet Nam):
Investigating the Conformity between the Land Administration Domain Model and the Vietnamese Land Administration System (5545)
Keywords: Land management; Land Administration Domain Model; LADM; Vietnamese Land Administration System; Vietnamese LAS

Tan Liat Choon and Khadijah Hussin (Malaysia):
Establishing 3D Property Rights in Malaysia (5599)
Keywords: Cadastre; Land management; Spatial planning; Real estate development

Vince Mangioni (Australia):
Land Value Taxation - Meeting the Principles of 'Good Tax Design' (5486)
Keywords: Property taxes; land value; transparency; taxpayer; information; objections

Vince Mangioni (Australia), Kauko Viitanen, Heidi Falkenbach and Tuomo Sipilä (Finland):
Three Dimensional Property Rights and (Stratum) Reassembly: A Critique of Two Emerging Cities (5560)
Keywords: Urban renewal; Valuation; Real estate development

Audrey Martin and Eugene McGovern (Ireland):
An Evaluation of the Performance of Network RTK GNSS Services in Ireland (5582)
Keywords: Professional practice; GNSS/GPS; GNSS; NRTK; Ireland

Krishna Mochtar (Indonesia):
Marketing Expenses of Indonesian Contractors (5478)
Keywords: Cost management; marketing mix

Lazarus Ojigi (Nigeria):
Cadastral Information and Adherence to Statutory Conditions in Right of Occupancy vis-à-vis Development Control in Minna, Nigeria (5577)
Keywords: Cadastre; Adherence; Statutory Conditions; Certificate of Occupancy; Development Control

Bjørn Ragnvald Pettersen (Norway):
The Introduction of Geodesy and Astronomy as an Academic Discipline in Norway in 1814 (5497)
Keywords: Curricula; Positioning; History; Reference frames

Chryssy Potsiou and Ifigenie Boulaka (Greece):
Informal Development in Greece: the Estimation of the Dead Capital, the new Legislation for Formalization and the Chances for Legalization (5514)
Keywords: Land management; Security of tenure; Access to land; Spatial planning; Informal settlements; Valuation; Property taxes; Affordable housing; Legislation; dead capital, property formalization

Ewa Sieminska and Malgorzata Rymarzak (Poland):
Bank Risk in Real Estate Finances in Poland (5495)
Keywords: risk; real estate finances; dwelling

Chengxi Bernad Siew and Alias Abdul Rahman (Malaysia):
Compression Techniques for 3D SDI (5579)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; GIM; GSDI; compression; 3D SDI; XML; CityGML

Nilofer Tambuwala, Abbas Rajabifard (Australia), Rohan Bennett (Netherlands), Jude Wallace and Ian Williamson (Australia):
Authoritative Land Information and Australian Property Markets (5542)
Keywords: Property taxes; land administration; land information; property markets; macroeconomic policy

Dimo Todorovski, Jaap Zevenbergen and Paul Van Der Molen (Netherlands):
Can Land Administration in Post-Conflict Environment Facilitate the Post-Conflict State Building? – a Research Problem (5557)
Keywords: Cadastre; conflict; post-conflict; land administration; land administration in post-conflict environment; state building; post-conflict state building

Muhibuddin Usamah (Indonesia), David Mitchell and John Handmer (Australia):
Perceptions of Tenure Security in Camalig Municipality in the Philippines (5550)
Keywords: Security of tenure; Access to land; Informal settlements; natural disasters; vulnerability; Philippines

Olivera Vasovic, Zagorka Gospavic and Goran Cirovic (Serbia):
Institutional Framework for Development of Real Estate Market in the Republic of Serbia (5541)
Keywords: Cadastre; Land management; Security of tenure; Implementation of plans; Real estate development; Legislation

Manohar Velpuri (Singapore) and Fabio Pinna (Italy):
Real Estate Indices as a Barometer of Stable Real Estate Returns and Predictor of Real Estate Risks During Real Estate Boom or Burst Cycles (5526)
Keywords: Risk management; Real estate development; investment management; real estate bubbles

Ponn Virulrak (Thailand):
Parking Variance: New Legal Paradigm for Bangkok Hotel Development (4870)
Keywords: Real estate development; parking variance; hotel; building code; zoning; Bangkok

Habtemicael Weldegiorgis (Eritrea):
The Challenges of Developing Cadastreal System in Eritrea (5581)
Keywords: Professional practice; Standards; Capacity building; Cartography; Cadastre; Land management; Land distribution; Security of tenure; Access to land; Spatial planning; Informal settlements; Valuation; Real estate development; Property taxes; Affordable housing; Legislation; History; cadastre system of Eritrea; cadastre systems; compulsory registration; challenges; flexible approach

Anna Wojewnik-Filipkowska (Poland):
Public Private Arrangements in City Revitalization Projects (5518)
Keywords: Spatial planning; Urban renewal; Real estate development; public-private partnership

FIG Working Week 2011 – Marrakech, Morocco May 18-22, 2011
Muyiwa Agunbiade, Abbas Rajabifard and Rohan Bennett (Australia):
Land Administration for Housing Production: Drivers, Concepts and Analytical Tools (4809)
Keywords: Land management; land administratio; housing production; analytical framework; integration

Ali Aien, Abbas Rajabifard, Mohsen Kalantari and Ian Williamson (Australia):
Aspects of 3D Cadastre - A Case Study in Victoria (4935)
Keywords: Digital cadastre; Cadastre; land administration system; 2D cadastre; 3D cadastre; 3D RRRs

Rami Al Ruzouq, Abdullah Al Zoubi, Abdrahman Abueladas and Emad Akawwi (Jordan):
Hazard Mapping Along the Dead Sea Shoreline (5037)
Keywords: Photogrammetry; Digital cadastre; Engineering survey; Cost management; sinkhole; subsidence; orthophoto; GPR

Daniel Weldegebriel Ambaye (Ethiopia):
Informal Settlement in Ethiopia, the Case of Two Kebeles in Bahir Dar City (5096)
Keywords: Informal settlements; informal; illegal; poverty; demolition

Adebakin Asaju and Mary Ajayi (Nigeria):
Path to Sustainable Development: The Estate Surveyors and Valuer's Perspectives (5105)
Keywords: Land management; Land distribution; Real estate development; sustainability; sustainable development

Olusegun Badejo and Peter Nwilo (Nigeria):
Oil Spill Model for Oil Pollution Control (5005)
Keywords: Hydrography; Coastal Zone Management; Risk management; oil splil; model

Rohan Bennett, Abbas Rajabifard, Ian Williamson, Jude Wallace and Brian Marwick (Australia):
A National Vision for Australian Land Registries (4851)
Keywords: Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; land registration; Australia; key registers; spatial enablement

Mazher Choudhury and Chris Rizos (Australia):
Test Results of Locata Technology for Deformation Monitoring (4928)
Keywords: Deformation measurement; static positioning; Locata

Gomaa Dawod, Meraj Mirza and Khalid Al-Ghamdi (Saudi Arabia):
Simple Precise Coordinates Transformations for Geomatics Applications in Makkah Metropolitan Area, Saudi Arabia (4953)
Keywords: Professional practice; GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Engineering survey; Reference systems; GPS; GIS; SGD2000; datum transformation; geomatics applications; Saudi Arabia

Peter Dent (United Kingdom) and Mouaiad Al-Omari (Jordan):
How Land Administration Systems Determining Land Market Efficiency (5181)
Keywords: Standards; Education; Capacity building; Cadastre; Land management; Security of tenure; Access to land; Valuation; Real estate development; Property taxes; Legislation

Rishiraj Dutta (Netherlands):
Remote Sensing a Tool to Measure and Monitor Tea Plantations in Northeast India (5113)
Keywords: Remote sensing; tea plantations; NDVI; LAI; waterlogging; biophysical status

Jelena Gučević, Siniša Delčev and Vukan Ogrizović (Serbia):
Determining Temperature Dependence of Collimation Error of Digital Level Leica DNA 03 (4993)
Keywords: Positioning; metrology

Rene Gudat (Germany):
Going West or Going East - Fundamental Changes in the German Property Tax System (5026)
Keywords: Valuation; Property taxes; Legislation; property tax; value-based and area-based approaches; bases of assessment; German and European context

John Hannah, Rob Bell and Ryan Paulik (New Zealand):
Auckland: A Case Study in the Regional Assessment of Long-Term Sea Level Change (4854)
Keywords: Hydrography; Coastal Zone Management; climate change; sea level change

Borvorn Israngkura Na Ayudhya (Thailand):
Appraisal of Common Dispute Problems over Residential Building Projects in Hong Kong (4788)
Keywords: Risk management; Real estate development; construction delay; disputes; residential projects

Alexander Kohli (Switzerland):
Sustainable Land Management based on Fast Approach Cadastral Documentation (5117)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; Land distribution; Security of tenure; Spatial planning; Implementation of plans; Risk management; Informal settlements; Low cost technology; SLM; data model; land use planning; risk based planning; sprawl; post-conflict; transition; illegal construction; legal reliability; cadastre 2014; STDM; PRLR; good governance

Grzegorz Lenda and Marcin Ligas (Poland):
Splines and Kriging - The Use of Two Methods for Shell Structures Shape Analysis (4907)
Keywords: Engineering survey; Deformation measurement; shell structures

Christian Lukianto and Harald Sternberg (Germany):
Overview of Current Indoor Navigation Techniques and Implementation Studies (5102)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Low cost technology; indoor navigation; inertial navigation; sensor fusion; Kalman filter; particle filer

Ignacio Menéndez Pidal and Pedro J. Cavero Abad (Spain):
Integration of Cooperation for Development in Survey Engineering Curricula at the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) Framework (5064)
Keywords: Professional practice; Education; Curricula; Land management; European Higher Education Area (EHEA); integration; survey engineering, EHEA

David Mitchell (Australia), Jaap Zevenbergen, Christiaan Lemmen and Paul Van Der Molen (Netherlands):
Land Administration for REDD+ and Voluntary Carbon Market Projects (5044)
Keywords: Capacity building; Cadastre; Land management; Security of tenure; Access to land; climate change mitigation; PES; LIS

Krishna Mochtar (Indonesia):
Technology Innovation Management in Indonesia Construction (5012)
Keywords: construction technology management; innovation-based project; incubation; partnering

Siddique Motala (South Africa):
Constructive Alignment of an Introductory University Geographic Information Systems Course (4872)
Keywords: Education; Curricula; Geoinformation/GI; Geographic Information Systems; constructive alignment; SOLO taxonomy; curriculum objectives; teaching and learning activities; assessment

George Pantazis and Konstantinos Nikolitsas (Greece):
Assessing the Use of the "Light" Laser Scanners and the Monte Carlo Technique for the Geometric Documentation (5073)
Keywords: Laser scanning; Engineering survey; total station; scannig; geometric surface; Monte Carlo technique; fitting

Enrico Paringit (Philippines):
The Use of Geospatial Information and the Role of Surveyors in Meeting the Challenges of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation: The Case of the Archipelagic Nation the Philippines (5196)
Keywords: Professional practice; Coastal Zone Management; Spatial planning; Risk management

Frances Plimmer and William J McCluskey (United Kingdom):
Sustainability and Property Taxation (4869)
Keywords: Property taxes; sustainability

Khamarrul Azahari Razak, Cees Van Westen, Menno Straatsma and Steven De Jong (Netherlands):
Mapping of Elements at Risk for Landslides in the Tropics Using Airborne Laser Scanning (4874)
Keywords: Laser scanning; Risk management; disaster management; tropical rainforest

Malgorzata Renigier-Bilozor, Radoslaw Wisniewski and Marek Walacik (Poland):
Real Estate Markets in Poland – Analysis of Subsystem Structure (4975)
Keywords: Land management; Valuation; efficiency of the real estate market; rough set theory

Chris Rizos, Yong Li, Nonie Politi, Joel Barnes and Nunzio Gambale (Australia):
Locata: A New Constellation for High Accuracy Outdoor and Indoor Positioning (4917)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Engineering survey; Locata; indoor positioning

Daniel Roman and Neil Weston (USA):
OPUS-Database: Supplemental Data for Better Datum Conversion Models (4860)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Reference systems; heights; GPS/Leveling; geoid

Richard Stanaway and Craig Roberts (Australia):
Rigid Plate Transformations to Support PPP and Absolute Positioning in Africa (4858)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Reference systems; Reference frames; Rigid Plate Transformations; ITRF; Kinematic Datums; PPP

Dimo Todorovski (North Macedonia):
Characteristics of Post-conflict Land Administration with Focus on the Status of Land Records in Such Environment (5016)
Keywords: GIM; land administration; conflict; post-conflict; land records

Ernest Uwayezu and Theodomir Mugiraneza (Rwanda):
Land Reform Policy in Rwanda and Land Tenure Security for all Citizens: Provision and Recognition of Women’s Rights over Land (4914)
Keywords: Security of tenure; Access to land

Marek Walacik and Sabina Źróbek (Poland):
Comparative Study on International Compulsory Purchase Compensation Solutions in Accordance to FAO Principles of Equity and Equivalence (4799)
Keywords: Valuation; expropriation systems; compensation; cluster analysis

Li Zhang and Schwieger Volker (Germany):
Real Time Quality Assurance Indexes for Residential House Construction Processes (4888)
Keywords: Quantity surveying; quality model; quality assurance index; real time; construction process

FIG Congress 2010 – Sydney, Australia April 11-16, 2010
Sabina Źróbek and Marek Walacik (Poland):
Compulsory Purchase Compensation in Polish Legislation on a Background Solutions Adopted in Other Countries (4028)
Keywords: Access to land; Valuation; Legislation; property; expropriation; compensation; Poland

Shewakena Aytenfisu Abab and Melkamu Belachew Moges (Ethiopia):
Facing the Challenges in Building Sustainable Land Managment Capacity in Ethiopia (4051)
Keywords: Land management

Xu Aigong and Askey Harinda Lakmal (China, PR):
Logical Process Modeling of Spatio – Temporal Application (3872)
Keywords: logical model; spatio-temparal phenomena; concurrent process

Wilfred Anim-Odame (Ghana), Tony Key and Simon Stevenson (United Kingdom):
The Nascent Real Estate Investment Market in Ghana (3830)
Keywords: Real estate development; residential real estate investment; emerging real estate markets

Anthony Arko-Adjei (Ghana), Arbind Tuladhar, Jitske De Jong and Jaap Zevenbergen (Netherlands):
Customary Tenure Institutions and Good Governance (4279)
Keywords: Capacity building; Land management; Security of tenure; Access to land; good governance

Rohan Bennett, Abbas Rajabifard, Mohsen Kalantari, Jude Wallace and Ian Williamson (Australia):
Cadastral Futures: Building a New Vision for the Nature and Role of Cadastres (4096)
Keywords: GSDI; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; Spatial planning; Survey Accurate Cadastre; Object-Oriented Cadastre; 3D Cadastre; Real-Time Cadastre; Global Cadastre; Organic Cadastre

Volker Böder (Germany):
Applications for a Hydrographic Multi Sensor System on Lakes and Rivers (3962)
Keywords: Professional practice; Hydrography; Positioning

Glenn Campbell and Jim Liddle (Australia):
The Implementation of a Competency Based Assessment System for Applicants for a Restrictive Licence for Cadastral Surveying (4469)
Keywords: Professional practice; Standards; Cadastre; competency assessment; restrictive licence

Tayfun Cay and Fatih Iscan (Turkey):
Application of Fuzzy Logic in Land Consolidation Activities (4351)
Keywords: Land management; Land readjustment; Land distribution; land consolidation; land reallocation; landholding; interview; fuzzy logic

Arnaud Deshogues, Pierre-Yves Gillieron and Bertrand Merminod (Switzerland):
Enhancement of Geomatics Education by Using Internet Based Techniques (4157)
Keywords: Education; exomatic; Learning Management System (LMS); Information Technology (IT); graphical representation; geomatics; moodle

Moha El-ayachi (Morocco):
Toward a Virtual Academic Consortium to Promote Land Information Sciences in Africa (4232)
Keywords: Education; Curricula; Capacity building; Geoinformation/GI; land; economic resource; wealth; Africa; innovation

Moha El-ayachi, Elhassan Semlali, Mohamed Ettarid and Driss Tahiri (Morocco):
An Object Model of a Multipurpose Cadastral Information System with the Object Oriented Approach - A Case Study (3953)
Keywords: Cadastre; approach; object model; multipurpose; analysis; modeling

Chijioke Eze (Nigeria):
Integration of Geographic Information System in Planning and Management of Industrial Developments in Nigeria (3749)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Spatial planning; industrial development; GIS; database structure; location; users interface

Kate Fairlie and Spike Boydell (Australia):
Representing Carbon Property Rights (4224)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; GIM; GSDI; Cartography; e-Governance; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; Spatial planning; rights; visualisation; carbon; natural resource management

Andrew Daniel Finegan (Australia):
Making Sense of Wicked Projects (4014)
Keywords: Project Management; sustainability; wicked problems; soft systems methodology.

Simon Fuller, Eldar Rubinov, Phil Collier and Seager James (Australia):
Integrated Quality Indicators and Stochastic Modelling for Real-Time Positioning: Overview and Implementation (4145)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Network RTK; Quality Control; Stochastic Modelling

Narsimha Garlapati, Mustak Shaikh and Mick Dwyer (Australia):
Building the Capacity to Access Spatial Information about the Extent of Riparian Vegetation in New South Wales,Australia (4070)
Keywords: Remote sensing; Land management; riparian; streams; stream order; vegetation

Tarun Ghawana (India), João Paulo Hespanha (Portugal), Jaap Zevenbergen and Peter Van Oosterom (Netherlands):
Groundwater Management in Land Administration: A Spatio-temporal Perspective (4298)
Keywords: Cadastre; Land management; Land Administration, Groundwater, GIS, Spatial and Temporal Dimensions

Mahmoud Gomah and John Trinder (Australia):
Support Vector Machines Based Filtering of Lidar Data (4063)
Keywords: Laser scanning; Photogrammetry; aerial; LIDAR; fusion; classification; learning; filtering

Joshua Greenfeld (Israel):
Developing a Surveying Body of Knowledge (4372)
Keywords: Education; surveying profession; body of knowledge; education

Rene Gudat (Germany):
Collections of the Property Market Data for the Valuation Process – An German Approach in an International Context (4029)
Keywords: Valuation; Germany; data bank for property market data; purchase price collection; valuation; comparison method

John Hannah (New Zealand):
The Problems and Challenges in Using Tide Gauges to Monitor Long-term sea Level Change (3786)
Keywords: Hydrography; Coastal Zone Management; Deformation measurement

Muhammad Imzan Hassan and Alias Abdul Rahman (Malaysia):
Malaysian Integrated 3D Cadastre Registration System (4212)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; Legislation; 3D Cadastre; 3D Database

Kelly Henderson (Australia):
Planning for the Greatest Good: A Case Study of William Light's 'Plan of the City and District of Adelaide, South Australia', and Potential World Heritage Values (4505)
Keywords: Cadastre; Land management; Spatial planning; History; William Light; Jeremy Bentham; Adelaide; ideal city

William Henning (USA):
Real Time Network Guidelines from NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey (3772)

Volker Janssen, Thomas Grinter, Craig Roberts and Michael Troth (Australia):
Improving Cadastral Infrastructure with RTK GPS in Australia (3825)
Keywords: Capacity building; GNSS/GPS; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; infrastructure; RTK; Geospatial Alliance Project (GAP)

Ida Jazayeri, Simon Cronk and Clive Fraser (Australia):
Automated Object Reconstruction and Modelling via Multi-Image Close-Range Photogrammetry (4393)
Keywords: Photogrammetry; Engineering survey; Deformation measurement; Low cost technology

Michiel Jellema (Netherlands):
Strategic Position Model Geo-ICT Function: Facing the Challenge of Organizational Alignment (3907)
Keywords: GSDI; Spatial planning; SDI; organization; alignment; Strategic Position Model Geo-ICT Function

Jorma Jokela, Pasi Häkli (Finland), Rupert Kugler, Helmut Skorpil and Michael Matus (Austria):
Calibration of the BEV Geodetic Baseline (3873)
Keywords: Standards; Positioning; Engineering survey; length metrology; geodetic baseline; traceability; measurement standard

Abdelrazik Kandeil and Mohamed K. Hassan (Egypt):
Hand-Over Process Improvement in Large Construction Projects (4301)
Keywords: Professional practice; TQM; Six Sigma; construction management

Seija Kotilainen and Heikki Seppänen (Finland):
A Study on the Experiences of Arable Land Owners on Land Rearrangement - Project-related Land Consolidation with a Public Road Project at Pajuneva in Finland (3990)
Keywords: Land management; Land readjustment

Anna Krelle and Rajabifard Abbas (Australia):
Cadastre 2014: New Challenges and Direction (4027)
Keywords: Cadastre; Cadastre 2014; land administration

Wing Yiu, Anthony Lai (Hong Kong SAR, China):
Assessing Training Needs for Building Surveying Practitioners (4521)
Keywords: Education; training needs; building surveying

Steve Yau Wah Lam (Hong Kong SAR, China):
Work-Integrated Geomatics Higher Education in Hong Kong (4359)
Keywords: Education

Chee Yin Lee, David Silcock, Lucas Holden and Sue Lynn Choy (Australia):
GPS Surveys within Falls Creek: Implementation and Processing for Aerial Photography (4434)
Keywords: Positioning; Photogrammetry

Raphael Legouge (France), Rangsima Sunila, Kirsi Virrantaus and Hannes Seppänen (Finland):
Risk and Vulnerability Analysis in the Gulf of Finland (4195)
Keywords: Risk management; vulnerability analysis; automatic identification system (A.I.S.); shipping accidents; vessel traffic service (V.T.S.)

Binghao Li, Andrew G. Dempster and Chris Rizos (Australia):
Positioning in Environments Where GPS Fails (4357)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; WiFi; cellular phone network

Tuuli Luoma, Jessica Niemi, Peggie Rothe and Anna-Liisa Lindholm (Finland):
Office Occupiers’ Real Estate Attributes – Identifying Occupiers’ Preferences (4018)
Keywords: Security of tenure; real estate attributes; real estate preferences; office occupier; the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Vince Mangioni (Australia):
The Evolution and Operation of Recurrent Property Taxation (4385)
Keywords: Property taxes; land value; improved value; rating; recurrent property taxation

Kevin McDougall (Australia):
From Silos to Networks – Will Users Drive Spatial Data Infrastructures in the Future? (4137)
Keywords: GSDI

Kevin McDougall and Dev Raj Paudyal (Australia):
Spatial Data Infrastructure for Pro-poor Land Management (4171)
Keywords: GSDI; Land management; Security of tenure; Access to land; Informal settlements; land administration; pro-poor land management; informal settlement; spatial data infrastructure; slum

Simon Mclean (United Kingdom):
Pedagogy of Using Industrial Simulation in Surveying Education: A Study of Two Models Run at Sheffield Hallam University, 2008/9 (3769)
Keywords: Education

Mario Miler, Drazen Odobasic and Damir Medak (Croatia):
Efficient Web-GIS Solution based on Open Source Technologies: Case-Study of Urban Planning and Management of the City of Zagreb, Croatia (4291)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Open Source; spatial information management; web-mapping

David Mitchell (Australia):
Reducing Vulnerability to Natural Disasters in the Asia Pacific through Enhanced Tenure Security (4127)
Keywords: Coastal Zone Management; Land management; Access to land; Spatial planning; Risk management; Informal settlements; Valuation; climate change; natural disasters; tenure security; disaster resilience; vulnerability

Timothy Nuttens, Alain De Wulf, Lander Bral, Bart De Wit and Leen Carlier (Belgium):
High Resolution Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Tunnel Deformation Measurements (4497)
Keywords: Laser scanning; Engineering survey; Tunnel surveying; Deformation measurement; terrestrial laser scanning; tunnels; deformation measurements

Chima Ogba and Pius Utang (Nigeria):
Geospatial Evaluation of Niger Delta Coastal Susceptibility to Climate Change (4039)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Coastal Zone Management; Spatial planning; geospatial; inundation; overlay; sea level change; susceptibility

Hamed Olfat, Abbas Rajabifard and Mohsen Kalantari (Australia):
Automatic Spatial Metadata Update: A New Approach (4079)
Keywords: Standards; Geoinformation/GI; GSDI; spatial metadata update; automation; synchronisation; GML; XML

Jens-André Paffenholz, Hamza Alkhatib and Hansjörg Kutterer (Germany):
Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter for Geo-Referencing of a TLS-based Multi-Sensor-System (4052)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Laser scanning; extended Kalman filter

Suvi Panschin and Arvo Vitikainen (Finland):
Land Consolidation and Agricultural Traffic – Instrument for Calculating the Traffic Volume (4179)
Keywords: Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; Land readjustment; Real estate development

Cristodoulos Psaltis and Charalabos Ioannidis (Greece):
Supervised Change Detection on Simulated Data Employing Support Vector Machines (4236)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Photogrammetry; machine learning; change detection; Support Vector Machines

Alexander Reiterer, Peter Rautek and Eduard Groeller (Austria):
A Novel Method for the Visualization of Deformation Data (3829)
Keywords: Engineering survey; Deformation measurement; visualization; deformation data; image-based measurement system; point cloud

Alexander Reiterer (Austria), Taher Hassan and Naser El-Sheimy (Canada):
Automated Traffic Sign Detection for Modern Driver Assitance Systems (3828)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Driver Assistance System; Mobile Mapping System; Scale Invariant Feature Transform

Eldar Rubinov, Simon Fuller, Phil Collier and James Seager (Australia):
Implementation of Real-Time Quality Control Procedures for Network RTK GNSS Positioning (4151)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Network RTK; Quality Control

Juergen Schweitzer, Bimin Zheng, Volker Schwieger and Detlev Kosmann (Germany):
Evaluation of the TanDEM-X Digital Elevation Model by PPP GPS - Analysis and Intermediate Results (4045)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Precise Point Positioning; TanDEM-X

Peter Smith (Australia):
Quantity Surveying Practice in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region (4312)
Keywords: Quantity surveying; Quantity Surveying, Information Technology

Håvard Steinsholt (Norway):
Some Aspects of Norwegian Expropriation Input to Comparative Study of Chosen Expropriation Issues: Germany, Norway and Poland (4307)
Keywords: Security of tenure; Access to land; Implementation of plans; Valuation; Legislation; expropriation; public use; compensation; market value

Mick Strack (New Zealand):
Property Rights for a New World: Adapting to an Ethic of Sustainability (4149)
Keywords: property rights; sustainability; land ethic; tenure review

Cecep Subarya, Hasanuddin Abidin, Wedyanto Kuncoro and Joni Efendi (Indonesia):
GPS Analysis Strategies to Minimize the Error Contribution to Geodetic GPS Determination (4319)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Reference frames; Global Positioning System (GPS); troposphere modeling; heights; accuracy

Heri Sutanta, Abbas Rajabifard and Ian Bishop (Australia):
Studying Spatial Plan in Coastal Urban Environment – Facing Global Threat and Adapting to Local Condition (4156)
Keywords: spatial planning; coastal urban environment; disaster risk reduction

Chan Tai, Stephen Farrell and Glenn Frankish (Australia):
The National Data Grid: a Development Model for Grid Cell Data Infrastructure (4464)
Keywords: nested; grid; raster; grid-cell; national; data; infrastructure

Ela Vela, Luka Babić, Almin Đapo, Branko Kordić and Boško Pribičević (Croatia):
Terrestrial Laser Scanning for the Digital Preservation of a Croatian Historical Village “Dobranje” (4492)
Keywords: Laser scanning; Remote sensing; Engineering survey; History; terrestrial laser scanner; cultural heritage; 3D model

Jesus Velasco, Juan Prieto, Tomas Herrero and Jose Fabrega (Spain):
Drilling a 25 km Tunnel for High Speed Railway in Spain (4542)
Keywords: Tunnel surveying; TBM; tunnel breakthrough; underground network; surface network; accuracy; gyrotheodolite azimuth

Habtemicael Weldegiorgis (Eritrea):
The Challenges of Developing Cadastreal System in Eritrea (3774)
Keywords: Professional practice; Standards; Capacity building; Cartography; Cadastre; Land management; Land distribution; Security of tenure; Access to land; Spatial planning; Informal settlements; Valuation; Real estate development; Property taxes; Affordable housing; Legislation; History; cadastre system of Eritrea; cadastre systems; compulsory registration; challenges; flexible approach

Jennifer Whittal (South Africa) and Susan Jones (New Zealand):
Locating the Positions of the Original Cape Farms of the 1660’s – a Demonstration of Cadastral Reconstruction Using Regular Techniques and GIS Cadastral Fabrics (4026)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; History; historical boundary relocation; surveying; GIS; cadastral fabrics

Sara Wilkinson and Richard Reed (Australia):
Student Perceptions of Surveying and Built Environment Professional Bodies: An International Comparison (3797)
Keywords: Professional practice; Education; Australia; built environment professional bodies; students; graduates

James M.W. Wong and S. Thomas Ng (Hong Kong SAR, China):
Company Failure in the Construction Industry: A Critical Review and a Future Research Agenda (4360)
Keywords: Positioning; Implementation of plans; Risk management; company failure; construction; failure prediction model; strategic management

Jung Hum Yu (Republic of Korea) and Linlin Ge (Australia):
Digital Elevation Model Generation Using Ascending and Descending Multi-baseline ALOS/PALSAR Radar Images (4086)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Remote sensing; Access to land; Spatial planning; multi-pass InSAR

Philipp Zeimetz and Heiner Kuhlmann (Germany):
Validation of the Laboratory Calibration of Geodetic Antennas based on GPS Measurements (4308)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Engineering survey; GNSS antenna calibration; GPS; calibration accuracy; anechoic chamber; laboratory calibration; near-field

Kefei Zhang, Erjiang Fu, Gang-Jun Liu, Stuart Whitman and Ming Zhu (Australia):
Action Research for a New e-Learning GPS/Surveying Platform (4154)
Keywords: Education; GNSS/GPS; surveying; geospatial; multimedia; web-based

Alina Zrobek-Rozanska and Ryszard Zrobek (Poland):
Issues of Efficiency in Public Real Estate Resources Management (3654)
Keywords: Land management; public purposes; public real estate resources; economic efficienty

FIG Regional Conference – Hanoi, Vietnam October 18-22, 2009
Frances Plimmer (United Kingdom):
Responsible Property Investment: Making a Difference (3610)
Keywords: Valuation; investment; sustainability

FIG Working Week 2009 – Eilat, Israel May 3-8, 2009
Naranchimeg Bagdai (Mongolia), Anne Van Der Veen, Paul Van Der Molen and Arbind Tuladhar (Netherlands):
Transparency as a Solution for Uncertainty in Land Privatization (A pilot study for Mongolia) (3345)
Keywords: Land management; land privatization; uncertainty; transparency; land administration; access to information; participation; corruption

Brian J Coutts (New Zealand):
Discipline Issues for Licensed Cadastral Surveyors in New Zealand (3332)
Keywords: Professional practice; Standards; Cadastre; Risk management; discipline; ethics

Sinisa Delcev, Vukan Ogrizovic, Violeta Vasilic and Jelena Gucevic (Serbia):
Accuracy Testing of RTK Service of the Permanent Station Network in the Republic of Serbia (3354)
Keywords: Positioning; RTK

Gilad Even-Tzur (Israel):
Two-Steps Analysis of Movement of the Kfar-Hanassi Network (3382)
Keywords: Deformation measurement; Deformation network; Two-steps analysis; Distance measurement; Dead Sea Rift

Heidi Falkenbach and Kaisa Laatikainen (Finland):
Development of Brokerage for Commercial Premises in the Finnish Real Estate Markets (3298)
Keywords: Professional practice; brokerage services; agency; transaction advisory; commercial real estate; Finland

Jayanta Kumar Ghosh and Devanjan Bhattacharya (India):
GEOWARNS: A System to Warn Geo-deformation Failure (3435)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; GNSS/GPS; Risk management; geo-deformation; rainfall forecasting; GPS; landslide warning; automated system; thematic map; map understanding; knowledge base; knowledge representation; natural disaster

Zagorka Gospavic, Branko Bozic and Olivera Vasovic (Serbia):
Development of Market of Geodetic Services and Geodetic Companies in the Republic of Serbia (3195)
Keywords: Professional practice; Capacity building; Cadastre; Land management; Real estate development; Legislation; development and liberalization of the geodetic services market

Geoff Hay and Brent Hall (New Zealand):
Architecture for an Open Source Semantic Spatio-Temporal Land Administration Application (3260)
Keywords: Standards; Cadastre; Land management; open source; semantic web; temporal database; relational data model; object-oriented

Volkmar Herbst and Michael Wagner (Germany):
Presentation of a Software Application (Cadastre Toolbox) for Land Management and Administration Purposes Based on Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) (3328)
Keywords: Standards; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; Free / Libre Open Source Software; FLOSS; land administration

Tamtomo Johanes P. (Indonesia):
Land Valuer-Surveyor: Towards Acknowledged Professional and Comprehensive Land Valuer-Surveyor (3188)
Keywords: Professional practice; Standards; Land management; Valuation; natural resource and environment economic value assessment; valuation of land and eco-natural resource economics; land valuer-surveyor standards and practices

Iyenemi Ibimina Kakulu (Nigeria), Peter Byrne (United Kingdom) and Kauko Viitanen (Finland):
Phenomenological Research in Compulsory Land Acquisition and Compensation (3448)
Keywords: Valuation; phenomenology; qualitative research; research paradigms; compulsory acquisition; compensation; research methodology

Thomas Kersten, Harald Sternberg and Klaus Mechelke (Germany):
Geometrical Building Inspection by Terrestrial Laser Scanning (3275)
Keywords: Positioning; Laser scanning; Engineering survey; Tunnel surveying; Deformation measurement; accuracy; evaluation; inspection

Michael Klebanov and Yerach Doytsher (Israel):
Establishing an Accurate Continuous Nationwide Cadastre Based on the Cadastral Triangulation Method (3243)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; Land readjustment; coordinate based cadastre; boundaries matching; least squares adjustment

Steve Y. W. Lam (Hong Kong SAR, China):
Marketing of Geomatics Higher Education: the Hong Kong Experience (3432)
Keywords: Education; marketing; geomatics; marketing mix; relationship marketing; networks

S. Thomas Ng, Kelwin K. W. Wong and James M. W. Wong (Hong Kong SAR, China):
Future Directions of Construction Education to Meet the Challenges and Opportunities (3413)
Keywords: Education; construction education; competitive edge; tertiary education institutions

Lidia Niculita, Iolanda Colda and Steluta Nastasa (Romania):
Informatics Management Systems for Quality Management Improvement in Higher Education and Scientific Research (3306)
Keywords: Education; informatics systems; quality evaluation; quality management; quality assurance; monitoring

Volker Schwieger (Germany):
Accurate High-Sensitivity GPS (3349)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Low cost technology; High-Sensitivity GPS

Anna Shnaidman, Uri Shoshani and Yerach Doytsher (Israel):
Improving the Graphical Cadastre Based on Genetic Algorithm Principles (3314)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; analytical cadastre; genetic algorithm; biological optimization

Michael Tophøj Sørensen and Finn Kjær Christensen (Denmark):
Distribution of Costs and Profits in Danish Urban Development (3441)
Keywords: Land management; Spatial planning; Implementation of plans; Real estate development; Legislation

Paul Van Der Molen (Netherlands):
Cadasters and Climate Change (3377)
Keywords: Cadastre; Land management; climate change; carbon credits; land administration

Dimitra Vassilaki, Charalabos Ioannidis and Athanassios Stamos (Greece):
Multitemporal Data Registration through Global Matching of Networks of Free-form Curves (3464)
Keywords: registration; matching; iterative closest point algorithm; change detection

Habtemicael Weldegiorgis (Eritrea):
The Cadastral System in Eritrea: Practice, Constraints, and Prospects (3198)
Keywords: Professional practice; Capacity building; Cadastre; Land management; Land distribution; Security of tenure; Access to land; Legislation; History

Neil Weston, Tom Soler and Gerald Mader (USA):
Rover Station Positional Accuracies from OPUS as a Function of Reference Station Spacing and Rover Station Occupation Time (3380)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; baseline processing; occupation time; positional accuracies

FIG Working Week 2008 – Stockholm, Sweden June 14-19, 2008
Shlomo Abergel, Sagi Filin and Naftali Goldshleger (Israel):
Measurement of Erosion in Agricultural Fields Using Monoscopic Photogrammetry (2963)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Remote sensing; Photogrammetry; Soil erosion, Photogrammetry, Homography, Agriculture, Gabor filters

Christian Aunsborg and Michael Tophøj Sørensen (Denmark):
Planning and Implementation of Urban Regeneration - The Adequacy of the Statutory Toolbox Available to Practice (2988)
Keywords: Land management; Spatial planning; Implementation of plans; Urban renewal; Urban transformation; Planning legislation; Planning practice; Implementation tools; Public-private partnerships (PPP)

Fuat Basciftci and Cevat Inal (Turkey):
The Calculation and the Programming of the Geoid Undulations by Using the Orthogonal Polinoms (2918)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Engineering survey; Ellipsoidal height, Orthometric height, geoid

Douglas Batson (USA):
The Pentagon Looks with Interest at Land Administration in Afghanistan (2798)
Keywords: Capacity building; Cadastre; Security of tenure; Informal settlements; Afghanistan, Post-Conflict Land Administration, Reconstruction and Stability

Isaac Boateng and Cletus Moobela (United Kingdom):
Sustainable Participatory Approaches in Urban Regeneration Processes: Lessons from Portsmouth Harbour and Inner-City Hulme, Manchester (3049)
Keywords: Spatial planning; Urban renewal; Informal settlements; Slum improvement, Urban regeneration, Planning policy, Millennium Development Goals

Spike Boydell (Australia):
Institutions, Complexity, and the Land (2919)
Keywords: Land management; Land distribution; Security of tenure; Access to land; Institutions; Complexity; Land Administration; Property Theory

Jarosław Bydłosz and Piotr Parzych (Poland):
The cadastral geodatabase modelling in Poland, applying Computer Aided Software Engineering tools (2819)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; ArcGIS; ArcCatalog; prices’ and values’ register for real estates; XMI; XML; UML

Frank Culliver (Australia):
Training the Generations for Business Success (2800)
Keywords: Education; CPD; "Learning; Innovation; Community; Service."

Gilad Even-Tzur and Doron Shaked (Israel):
GPS Antenna Height and its Influence on Pseudorange Multipath (2816)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; "Multipath"; "pseudorange"; "antenna"; "C/A code"; "P code"

Heidi Falkenbach and Sami Kiehelä (Finland):
Development of the Public Real Estate Equity Investment Sector in Finland (2789)
Keywords: Indirect investments, public real estate investment company, Finland

Frank Friesecke and Silja Lockemann (Germany):
Neighbourhood Improvement Districts in Germany – A new Form of Urban Governance for the Improvement of Residential Areas (3053)
Keywords: Land management; Spatial planning; Urban renewal; Real estate development; Business Improvement Districts; Governance; Legal Foundations; Neighbourhood Improvement Districts; Private Initiative; Public Private Partnership; Residential Development

Lothar Gründig (Germany):
The Meaning of Redundancy - 3D Topology and Geometric Parameterization (2768)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Engineering survey; Cadastre; Low cost technology

Pasi Häkli, Hannu Koivula and Jyrki Puupponen (Finland):
Assessment of practical 3-D geodetic accuracy for static GPS surveying (2994)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; accuracy

Karin Haldrup (Denmark):
Between Monitoring and Modelling: Spatial Hierarchy and Context of Land Rights (2986)
Keywords: Land distribution; Security of tenure; Informal settlements

Stanislaw Harasimowicz and Jaroslaw Janus (Poland):
Optimisation of the arable plots arrangement in comparison to farms settlements in a village (3048)
Keywords: Cadastre; Land management; Land readjustment

Milan Horemuz (Sweden):
Car collision warning system based on RTK GPS (2811)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; RTK; GPS; road safety; Kalman filter

Charalabos Ioannidis and Dimitra Vassilaki (Greece):
Combined use of spaceborne optical and SAR data – Incompatible data sources, a waste of funds or a useful procedure? (3022)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Remote sensing; Photogrammetry; Optical satellites, SAR

Karel Janečka and Václav Čada (Czech Republic):
Possibilities of Storage of Spatial Data of Real Estate Registry Information System (2950)
Keywords: Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Real estate registry information system, Cadastre of real estates, Spatial data modeling, Generalization, Oracle Spatial

Jad Jarroush and Gilad Even-Tzur (Israel):
Automatic Validation of the Surveyors' Regulations Criteria – A New Challenge in the Future Legal Digital Cadastre Implementation Task (3038)
Keywords: Standards; e-Governance; GNSS/GPS; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Automatic Validation, Surveying Regulations, Digital Field Book

Michael Klebanov and Yerach Doytsher (Israel):
A New Mathematical Approach to Cadastral Documents Processing for Parcel Boundaries Restoration (2904)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; cadastral document processing; boundaries restoration; least squares adjustment; constrained adjustment

Steve Y. W. Lam (Hong Kong SAR, China):
Applying Action Research in Geomatics Higher Education (2824)
Keywords: action research, educational research, geomatics, quantitative and qualitative methods, mixed methods, plagiarism, evaluation

Steve Y. W. Lam (Hong Kong SAR, China):
Integration of Geomatics Generations by Supporting Lifelong Learning (2823)
Keywords: geomatics, lifelong learning, formal and non-formal learning, settings, welfare model, market model, policy

Bozena Lipej (Slovenia):
Cadastre and land registry organizations scheduling its future to best fit the requirements of the society (3042)
Keywords: Cadastre; EuroGeographics' Cadastre and land registry group, land registry, mortgage credit market, real property market, spatial data infrastructures

Andrew Marshall and Paul Denys (New Zealand):
Water level measurement and tidal datum transfer using high rate GPS buoys (2856)
Keywords: Hydrography; Cadastre; GPS Buoy, Tidal Datum Transfer, Cadastral Boundaries, MHWS, Sea Level

Andrew McNab (United Kingdom):
Using Land Values to Fund Infrastructure: Will Statutory Planning Changes Work? (2743)
Keywords: Land management; Valuation; Real estate development; Property taxes

David Mitchell (Australia) and Stig Enemark (Denmark):
Land administration and management in South East Asia – considering the role of higher education (2864)
Keywords: Education; Curricula; Capacity building; Land management; land administration, developing countries, land titling

Piotr Parzych and Jarosław Bydłosz (Poland):
Problems of real estates’ valuation for taxing purposes (2815)
Keywords: Valuation; Property taxes; real estates’ valuation; statistical methods; conditional estimation model

Valentina Sagris, Wim Devos (Italy), Pavel Milenov (Bulgaria) and Simon Kay (Italy):
New evidence of land management in the frame of Common Agricultural Policy: needs for standardization (2853)
Keywords: Standards; Geoinformation/GI; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; Legislation; conceptual modeling, land management, Spatial Data Infrastucture

Martin Salzmann (Netherlands) and Julius Ernst (Austria):
The cadastral parcel rejuvenated; evolving from property unit to core element in spatial data infrastructures (2602)
Keywords: Geoinformation/GI; GSDI; e-Governance; Digital cadastre; Cadastre; Land management; Spatial planning

Peter Samuelsson (Sweden):
Official and unofficial valuation standards in Sweden (2817)
Keywords: Valuation; Valuation standards; valuation methods; Property assessment; Swedish property index; certification of valuers

Volker Schwieger (Germany):
High-Sensitivity GPS - Availability versus Accuracy (2959)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Low cost technology

Christian Thellufsen and Stig Enemark (Denmark):
Awareness Analysis – a Tool for Investigating Inter-Organizational Collaboration in Land Administration Systems? (2774)
Keywords: Cadastre; Land management; Awareness, Inter-organizational, Collaboration, Coordination, Land Administration Systems, Cadastral Systems, Evaluation

Sara Wilkinson and Clive Warren (Australia):
Built environment professional bodies and student members: The Australian employers perspective. (2799)
Keywords: Professional practice; Education; "Australia"; "built environment"; "professional bodies"; "employers"; "students"; "graduates"

Philipp Zeimetz and Heiner Kuhlmann (Germany):
On the accuracy of absolute GNSS antenna calibration and the conception of a new Anechoic Chamber (2901)
Keywords: GNSS/GPS; Positioning; Engineering survey; antenna calibration; anechoic chamber; near-field; GNSS

Total of 463 papers were listed.