Meet the President

The FIG Presidency

At the first two Congresses, the president and the secretary General were elected solely for the period of the congress itself. Starting with the III Congress (1926) in Paris, they are elected for a three or four-year term of office. Until the VI Congress (1938) in Rome, the term of office lasted from one Congress until the next. Since that time, Congresses have been held in the middle of a term of office. Terms lasted four years until the X Congress (1962) in Vienna, at which time that and subsequent terms were reduced to three years. This was changed at the XVIII Congress (1986) in Toronto, following which the four-year term was reinstated. The FIG presidency was before the term 2002-2006 determined by the location of the congress, then by election by General Assembly.

Following is a list of all President of FIG:

28th President - 2023-2026
Dr. Diane Dumashie, United Kingdom
27th President - 2019-2022
prof. Dr. Rudolf Staiger, Germany
26th President - 2015-2018
Dr. Chryssy Potsiou, Greece
25th President - 2011-2014
Mr. CheeHai Teo, Malaysia
24th President - 2007-2010
Prof. Stig Enemark, Denmark
23rd President - 2003-2006
Prof. Dr-Ing. Holger Magel, Germany
22nd President - 2000-2002
Mr. Robert W. Foster, United States
21st President - 1996-1999
Prof. Peter Dale, United Kingdom
20th - 1992-1995
Mr. Earl James, Australia
19th President - 1988-1991
Dr-Ing. Juha Talvitie, Finland
18th President - 1985-1987
Mr. Charles H. Weir, Canada
17th President - 1982-1984
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Vassil Peevsky, Bulgaria
16th President - 1979-1981
Prof. Dr-Ing. Herbert J. Matthias, Switzerland
15th President - 1976-1978
MSc Dr Techn Lic. Prof. Carl.Olof Ternryd, Sweden
14th President - 1973-1975
Mr. William A. Radlinski, United States
13th President - 1970-1972
Prof. Dr-Ing. Dr h.c. Heinz Draheim, Germany
12th President - 1967-1969
Mr. Bernanrd J. Collins, United Kingdom
11th President - 1964-1966
On. geom. Ennio de Biagi, Italy
10th President - 1960-1963
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. dr. techn. Karl Neumeier, Austria
9th President - 1956-1959
Prof. Dr. Roelof Roelofs, the Netherlands
8th President - 1952-1955
Geometre-Expert Henri Peltier, France
7th Presidetn - 1948-1951
Oberst Marcei Baudet, Switzerland
6th President - 1939-1942
On. Geom. Ezio Fanti, Italy
5th President - 1935-1938
Major General Sir Herbert C. Cole, United Kingdom
4th President - 1931-1934
Prof. Dr-Ing. E.h. Simon Bertschmann
3rd President - 1927-1930
Geometre-Expert Philippe Jarre, France
2nd President - 1910
Geometre-Expert Antoine Peereboom, Belgium
1st President - 1878
Estimateur-Expert E. Lefevre de Soucy, France