Intergeo 2004, Stuttgart, Germany 13-15 October 2004

FIG Forum on Risk Management attracts full house

This year's Intergeo under title "Für Mobile Menschen" was organised at the Messe Congress Centrum in Stuttgart, Germany 13-15 October. The exhibition filled in three halls and had sold a bit more space than last year in Hamburg, but the number of exhibitors was slightly lower. The exhibition attracted more than 15,000 visitors, while the annual conference of DVW attracted about 1,500 delegates which is the best figure during the last few years. The conference was organised jointly with the German Cartographic Association (DGfK) and the Geodetic Week (Geodätische Woche).

At the opening ceremony Dr. Eng. Paulo Cesar Teixeira Trino, President of the Brazilian Society of Cartography, Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing - SBC awarded the German surveyors for the support they have given to their Brazilian colleagues. The award was received by Mr. Hagen Graeff, President of the German DVW. The keynote presentation was given by Prof. Jörg Schlaich.

At the conference programme there was the traditional FIG Forum, which topic was this year risk management. The session attracted a full room and the presentations were made by Mr. Pascal Peduzzi, Head of the Early Warning Unit of the UNEP DEWA GRID in Geneva, who replaced Svein Tveitdal at the last minute and Prof. Theo Kötter, Chair of FIG WG8.4 from the University of Bonn and Ms. Gerda Schennach from Austria.

FIG attended the Intergeo also in the exhibition at the DVW booth distributing information about the Federation and FIG future events, especially about the FIG Congress 2006, which has got the new dates 8-13 October 2006. This means that the congress will be one week after the famous Oktoberfest. Intergeo will take place 10-12 October 2006. Next year the Intergeo will be in Düsseldorf 4-6 October 2005. FIG also organised a meeting for its corporate members to discuss the partnership between the corporate members and FIG.

In the social programme one of the traditions at the Intergeo is the Geodätentreff which this year was sold out and gathered 800 people.

Pictures from Intergeo 2004:

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Cultural programme at the opening ceremony was given by members of the Concert-Band der Universität Hohenheim.

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Dr. Eng. Paulo Cesar Teixeira Trino given his greetings to DVW.

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FIG Forum was chaired by Rainer Müller-Jökel and the three speakers were: Mr. Pascal Peduzzi, UNEP,  Prof. Theo Kötter, Chair of FIG WG8.4 from the University of Bonn and Ms. Gerda Schennach from Austria.

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FIG joined the DVW booth at the Intergeo exhibition.

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Among participants were representatives of the Ukrainian Society of Geodesy and Cartography, from the right President Prof. Igor Trevogo, Secretary General Stepan Savchuk and Dr. Volodymyr Sadoroshnyj.