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03 September 2021

GLTN International Professional Bodies cluster which FIG is currently co-leading, has published two new publications on Urban-Rural Land Linkages and Valuation of Unregistered Lands.

UN-Habitat/Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) has structured its 80 partners in four different clusters. FIG, together with Arab Union of Surveyors (AUS), are currently co-lead of the International Professional Bodies Cluster, represented by Rafic Khouri and Diane Dumashie.

The two new publications were launched at FIG e-Working Week 2021 during the technical programme. Two joint FIG/GLTN sessions were organised to introduce the publications and to encourage a discussion on the next steps.


The URLL project is led by FIG Commission 7, with the support of commissions 8 & 9. The URLL project has just published the report ‘Urban-Rural Land Linkages: A concept and framework for action’, this publication presents a framework for tackling urban-rural land challenges. It is designed to help a range of stakeholders in developing countries understand how to adopt an inclusive approach to land management and administration initiatives to produce a balance in urban and rural development. It provides structured guidance for addressing land-specific problems within the intersection of urban and rural development.

The publication presents action-oriented steps and recommendations that should be pursued in urban-rural interdependent development. It also expands current knowledge about urban-rural linkages in the context of land tenure challenges. It is hoped that the publication will inspire additional policy debate on securing land tenure on an urban-rural continuum rather than viewing these areas in isolation. 


The Valuation project is led by FIG commission 9 and has just published a practical manual to give a practical aid to the implementation of ‘Valuation of Unregistered Lands: A Policy Guide’ prepared by the Global Land Tool Network for the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), in combination with the international valuation standards of the International Valuation Standards Council. The manual ‘Valuation of Unregistrered Land – A Practice Manual’ presents a practical approach for the valuation of unregistered land.  

The manual comprises two parts. The first gives an overview of recommendations related to the valuation of unregistered land rights, and the second provides more detail about what to consider when working in this complex environment. The manual is designed to be applicable globally, particularly in developing nations. It is based on agreed standards of best practice, due diligence protocols and expert collaboration. It explains the key concepts of valuation, land tenure, bases of value, professional capacity-building and valuation frameworks and provides an example template/aide-memoire for unregistered land valuation that can be used by valuers.  

Governments, policymakers, land professionals, valuation practitioners, capacity development institutions and other interested parties should use this manual to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals related to conflict prevention, food security, gender equity, justice, and sustainable urban and rural development.  


Webinar on: Technological solutions for land recordation

IFAD’s Land Tenure Desk and FAO’s Land Tenure Team cordially invite you to the fifth short and informative webinar on technological solutions for land recordation with Danilo Antonio on Thursday, 9 September 2021, 11:30-12:00 CET on Zoom.  

Register here.


Nanna Jørgensen
Sep. 2021