FIG Commission 4 - Hydrography

Working Group 4.4
Marine Development and Administration

Policy Issues

Assist in the development of institutional policy and framework.
Assist in the development of conceptual and technical standards, guidelines and practice.
Assist in the land and sea governance for a marine cadastre.
Assist in the development of indigenous marine management systems.


Dr. Abdullah Hisam Omar, Malaysia

Prof. Drs Dietriech Geoffrey Bengen
Dr. Hamid-Mosaku Adekunle Isa
Dr. Rizqi Abdulharis
Dr. Mohd Zaid Abdullah
Mohd Hilmi Abdullah


What we are working on -
  • Review of national and international hydrographic and marine adminstration policies, standards and guidelines.
  • Promotion of best practice marine development and administration.

What's New

The management of good governance of marine space administration has been debated since at least the 2000s. An extensive literature and research report, it is hardly surprising that this marine space is under serious threat from a myriad of overlapping and conflicting interests, where the evidence of change is compelling and manifest. Therefore it is imperative to manage, administer and govern the coastal zone in a considerable, sustainable and structural manner as well as to protect and nurture the environment we live in. Failure to do so may have disastrous consequences for future generations. This includes polishing the management system, particularly the governance of marine space administrative to support marine rights. Marine space administration and management can help to improve our governance and information systems on coastal and marine areas.

The intention of the establishment of Working Group 4.4 is to assist the development of institutional policy and framework as well as the development of conceptual, technical standards, guidelines and practice. WG 4.4 will provide the necessary guideline of land and sea governance for marine cadastre and marine administration. Marine managed areas, in the widest sense, are geographic areas designed to protect or manage resources within the marine environment. Any agency that has jurisdiction in the marine environment can create marine managed areas. Framework of marine development and administration comprise of institutional, technical and socio-economic components. The entities of the framework will include custodian, implementers, technical support and data centre, policy, stakeholder, facilitator and source of human capital. This framework is applicable and can be adopted by any country.