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Land Use and Green Development in Rural and Urban development

24-25 November 2017, Shanghai, China
Shanghai International Symposium of Land & Future

National and international pesenters at the symposium

FIG Vice President Orhan Ercan and Director Louise Friis-Hansen were invited by FIG Affiliate Member China Land Surveying and Planning Institute (CLSPI), the Ministry of Land and Resources, and Hanns Seidel Stiftung to participate in the Shanghai International Symposium of Land & Future. The Symposium was very well organised by the Planning Department of the Ministry of Land and Resources, PRC, Science & Technology and International cooperation Department of the Ministry of Land and Resources and Shanghai Municipal Planning, Land and Resources Administration. More than 100 participants attended the two-day symposium.

Day one concentrated on presentations on rural and urban development and land consolidation issues. Land and Unit Leader UN-Habitat-GLTN, Oumar Sylla thanked for the invitation and stated that he appreciated the invitation and initiative because this region is important for GLTN. So far biggest focus has been on Africa, but GLTN is much more than Africa. There are big differences between the regions, but there are also many things in the rural and urban development that can be learned from each other. Right now there is a momentum due to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and we should use this.

Specific topics that were discussed were:

  • Land planning and spatial governance
  • Land resource arrangement and revitalization in metropolitan suburbs
  • Land supply-side structural reform
  • Rural collective land system reform

Today, China has a specific focus on green development - both in urban and rural areas. It is imporant that there is a balance between economic and envronmental goals. In China a 3-step plan from 2017-2050 for countryside development has been established, but there needs to be support from Industry to fulfil this plan.

Day two started with 9 presentations by young pioneers on:

  • exploration of land use planning serving rural revitalization - Shanghai practice
  • Measuring land use in urban suburbs: the "5Q5E" evaluation of land economical and intensive utilization in 98 towns in shanghai
  • Territory planning and space governance: Index, Space and Policy - take territory planning of Chongqiang as an example
  • Think on support ability building of national land data for spatial planning in new era
  • Resource and environment carrying capacity evaluation ofr provincial land planning
  • Bicycle-based transit-oriented development pattern: a case study in Shanghai
  • Study on the coordinated development strategy of rural land and tourism industry under the target of urban and rural integration: a case study of Guizhou
  • Research on key ecological space identification based on land use and land cover change in different precipitation years - in case of Kezuohouqi
  • Forecast of Anrica's food problems in 2030 and its impacts on China
Roundtable session

In the afternoon of day two, a roundtable meeting was organised. the roundtable discussion was facilitated by Rosy Liao, who is know in FIG as representative from the Chinese member association, CLSS, and co-chair of Working Group 8.5 under commission 8. During the roundtable meeting it was discussed how the Chinese ministry, agencies and organisations can cooperate with the international organisation. Again many issues are of interes are in focus in China these days such as technological possibilities, land management, satelite info, flood control integrated in spatial planning, valuation, public-private partnerships etc. China has gone through a tremendous change in a very few years which has also caused challenges. Therefore China has an interest in the cooperation with other countries and organisations. FIG invited Chinese representatives to the FIG Congress 2018 in Istanbul in May 2018 and encouraged the organisations and representatives to actively participate in the work of FIG Commissions (like the involvement of CLSPI and CLSS in Commisison 8).

At the end of the day a technical tour was organised to newly opened art museum Shanghai Urban Space Art Season, and hereafter to  the River Front area, Xuhui Riverside.

The Symposium was very well organised and provided a good opportunity for networking and frutful discussions. 

At the plenary sessions

FIG Vice President Orhan Ercan gives a presentation on FIG

Discussions during the roundtable session

FIG Vice President Orhan Ercan at the roundtable discussion


The roundtable discssion was facilitated by Rosie Liao who is also co-chair of FIG Working Group 8.5 on Rural develpment and land governance

Group photo of all participants at a technical tour to the Shanghai Urban Space Art Season

River front of Shanghai

Rosy Liao was a splendid host together with her assistants Tracy and Mary, here with Alexander Sagdayak, Russia, Oumar Sylla, GLTN and Louise Friis-Hansen, FIG


Louise Friis-Hansen
December 2017