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The UN-Habitat Roadmap to Recovery - Harnessing the Power of FIG to Meet Global Challenges

September 2023

The FIG 2023- 26 agenda mirrors that of the UN Habiat Habitat Professionals Forum (HPF), by ensuring our continuing membership in this UN network.

Call for your action

Would you be interested to discuss the ways in which the power of our land, natural and bult environment professional community can be further harnessed in implementing the Roadmap.

This is explained below:

Eliminating the world’s unacceptable, deep-rooted, and long-standing inequalities in wellbeing and life-chances is the shared goal of all peoples. This goal cannot be achieved without harnessing the expertise and experience of all professionals, including the surveyors, wherever they practice.

FIG works internationally to achieve its global development agenda, as exemplified by its contribution to UN organisations such as the Habitat Global Land Tool Network, UN GGIM, FAO and World Bank. Our international impact is reinforced by engaging across disciplines through the Habitat Professionals Forum (HPF), the partnership of professionals who work together with the UN-Habitat in promoting sustainable development. The HPF represents more than 15 million urban and regional professionals, including surveyors.

The challenges for professionals are great. Currently, urbanisation continues at unprecedented rates, with professional capacities struggling to match the growth of our cities. We must transform the way we think and act, and do it together.

HPF Roadmap to Recovery

In 2022, the HPF Partners therefore prepared a post-covid and post- conflict Roadmap to Recovery. This Roadmap sets out 22 propositions on how we can change the way we plan and manage our cities, regions, countries, and communities. These propositions are presented into two parts, general and specific themes, to advance the scientific knowledge-base and best practices for sustainable and just development, including for surveyors.

The Roadmap was formally adopted at the HPF’s annual general meeting during the World Urban Forum 11 in 2022 at Katowice, Poland. It is being promoted at a variety of events and activities e.g. national conferences and Newsletters. It also includes international meetings e.g. the SDG plenary session hosted by Plan Malaysia, UN-Habitat’s Roundtable events, and the Pacific Urban Forum. In addition, it is engaging new international partners in its endeavour, for example, International Society for Urban Health (ISUH).

The Roadmap is a working document. The HPF partners have therefore started to implement the RoadMap with an audit of their own activities. In addition, despite their existing heavy commitments, the HPF members are organising five task groups on promoting the following: the New Urban Agenda; greater engagement with Communities; the value and financial stability of Heritage; an International Landscape Convention; and a Framework of Rights to the City.

The HPF is discussing with its members the ways in which the power of our land, natural and bult environment professional community can be further harnessed in implementing the Roadmap. Therefore the HPF would welcome any FIG members who want to contribute to or even take a lead in our endeavours by contacting the FIG leadership. The UN Habitat HPF Roadmap team are also happy to answer any questions through

The members of HPF:



Vincent Goodstadt and Diane Dumashie
27 September 2023