FIG Commission 10 - Construction Economics and Management

Term 2003-2006

Highlights Commission Chair
As my term comes to an end, I am disappointed at the lack of progress Commission 10 has made bearing in mind the objectives we set ourselves at the Congress in Washington in 2002.

This has certainly been due in part to some unfortunate family circumstances since early 2005 that have prevented me giving FIG and Commission 10 the focus and drive it deserves. However, it must also be said that
Mr. Philip Shearer,
United Kingdom

it could have been better prior to that time and more progress should have been made in the initial years of my term of office.

Unfortunately the main underlying problem continues to be the almost complete lack of involvement from the national member associations.

As can be seen in the report under Working Group 10.3 from the current Chair-Elect of Commission 10, Mr Andrew Morley, his considerable efforts to engender and stimulate interest from the members has proved futile and it will be interesting to see what else can be done to achieve more involvement and interest in the work of Commission 10. Several papers have been submitted for presentation during the Munich Congress and it is hoped that these may stimulate greater interest and involvement from the wider FIG community. At the congress in Munich in October 2006 a joint paper for Commission 1 and 10 will review cross country comparisons exploring change management issues in large land management projects titled ‘Changing the World We See Through Land and Building Project Management’.

I am sure that Commission 10 can make a worthwhile contribution to the overall work of FIG particularly with joint initiatives with other commissions. Particular relevant areas being Human Settlements and Sustainability.

May I take this opportunity to thank my Commission 10 colleagues and the FIG Office for their support and hard work and particularly to Markku Villikka for his consideration and understanding.

Work Plan

erms of reference

  • Construction Economics
  • Cost Management
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Building surveying
  • Cost Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Law

Mission statement

  • To encourage wider membership of FIG of National Associations of professionals working in Construction and Economics and Management.
  • To identify and associate with other international groupings of professional in related field to optimize the dissemination of information between the members of the organisations.
  • To encourage the participation of representatives of national member associations in the working groups of the Commission and in the work of other related international groupings.
  • To promote the professionals related to Construction Economics and Management.
  • In association with Commission 1, to maintain and develop high standards within the profession.
  • In association with commission 2, to maintain and develop high standards of professional education, continuing professional development and to develop mutual recognition of qualifications between member associations.
  • To assist with the development of the construction Economics and Management professions in the developing world and emerging economics.
  • To encourage recognition of the value of services which can be provided by the surveying professional in the field of Construction procurement, Construction Economics and Management with International governmental organisations.

Work Plan

Key Documents

Working Groups

Working Group 10.1 - Human Settlements, Economics and Environment Sustainability

Policy Issues

  • Draw on international research through a network of national associations within FIG and other related international groupings to obtain sustainable models for construction procurement and management of Low-Cost Housing and Infrastructure, urban regeneration and informal settlements.
  • To expand on FIG Cooperation with UN Agencies and other activities such as the Bathurst Declaration, Women gender issues, FIG Agenda 21 amongst other things to include development of Construction management policies and models of implementing housing, urban infrastructure and sustainability schemes and programmes.
  • To develop global cost management models for low-income or affordable infrastructure and sustainable development.


Murtala Oladapo (Nigeria)
e-mail: niqs[at] 

Working Group 10.2 - Database for Quantity Surveying Education and Cost Management Professionals Worldwide

Policy Issues

  • To compile a database of professional education for construction economics.
  • Co-ordinate with Commission 2 to add to the FIG database.
  • Commence a comparative study of courses and training to develop the work of mutual recognition of qualifications.
  • To provide a basis for encouraging membership of FIG associations with other relevant international groupings.
  • To develop systems for dissemination of information to the membership of members and associated groupings.



Working Group 10.3 - Construction Procurement

Policy Issues

  • To compare procurement methods worldwide
  • To review development in procurement necessary to comply with UN Agencies and World Bank guidelines and as well as those of other Regional development Banks.
  • To ensure that procurement procedures are sustainable


Andrew Morley
United Kingdom
e-mail: Andrew.morley[at] 

Working Group 10.4 - Standard, research and development in Cost management, Quantity Surveying, Cost Engineering and Project Management

Policy Issues

  • Map each Quantity Surveying, Cost Engineering and Project Management skill and knowledge process.
  • Issue professional Practice Guides containing the best of published articles.
  • Develop generic Recommended Practices and Standards with basic terminology, methods, and data applicable to any enterprise or industry.
  • Develop enterprise or industry specific Recommended Practices and Standards.
  • To identify what research is being carried out in the fields of construction economics.
  • How best to disseminate the result of that research to practicing professional


Sara Wilkinson (United Kingdom)
email: Sara.Wilkinson[at]