FIG Commission 10 - Construction Economics and Management

Term 2007-2010

Highlights Commission Chair
Commission 10 organised three session at the FIG Congress in Sydney that was the main activity of Commission in 2010. Mr.Andrew Morley, United Kingdom

Work Plan

Terms of reference

  • Construction Economics, including Quantity Surveying, Building Surveying, Cost Engineering and Management, Estimating and Tendering
  • Commercial Management including Procurement, Risk Management and Contract Law for construction and non construction activity
  • Project and Programme Management including Planning / Scheduling.

Mission statement

  • To promote discussion of professional practice of surveyors working in all disciplines of Construction Economics and Management
  • To research and identify “best practice” of surveyors working in different cultures and economies
  • To facilitate the exchange and interchange of information, knowledge and experience between surveyors
  • To publicise the work of surveyors to the public, particularly young people, governments and non-governmental organisations and enhance their perception of the value of surveyors and the services that they provide
  • To co-operate and work with fellow surveyors in all branches and groupings of the profession to advance the objectives of FIG.

Work Plan

Key Documents



Working Groups

Working Group 10.1 - Construction Economics

Policy Issues

  • Map skills and knowledge process for both Quantity Surveyors and Building Surveyors
  • Research current practice in differing cultures and economies to develop and publish generic guidelines as to “best practice”
  • To monitor and, if possible, join and contribute to research projects being carried out by others.


Ms. Sara Wilkinson
University of Melbourne
E-mail: Sara.Wilkinson[at]

Working Group 10.2 - Commercial Management

Policy Issues

  • To study, analyse and compare different procurement models and publish generic guidelines as to “best practice”.


Nominations sought.

Working Group 10.3 - Project and Programme Management

Policy Issues

  • To describe and compare different Project Management methods and publish generic guidelines as to “best practice”
  • To describe and detail a “best practice” model for the successful management of multi-project programmes in both developed and developing economies.


To be nominated by ICES