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GEOInformatics publishes a magazine 8 times per year. GeoInformatics Magazine provides coverage, analysis and commentary with respect to the international surveying, mapping and GIS industry. Recognizing the integrated nature of the geospatial information industry, GeoInformatics presents thought provoking and useful information.


December 2014 l CLGE Newsletter
CLGE is look for Young Talent
By Eva-Maria Unger

December 2014 l CLGE Newsletter
Flexible Land Administration
By Prof. Stig Enemark

September 2014 l CLGE Newsletter
CLGE Code of Conduct, interview
By Marc Vandershueren

September 2014 l CLGE Newsletter
A Global Surveyors' Week coming closer?

January/February 2014 l CLGE Newsletter
European Young Surveyors together for tomorrow's challenges
By Eva-Maria Unger and Paula Dijkstra

January/February 2014 
FIG Congress 2014 - Engaging the Challenges, Enhacing the Relevence
By Claudia Stormoen

June 2013 l CLGE Newsletter
Under the auspices of Galileo Galilei: The Day of the European Surveyor and GeoInformation 2013
By Francis Gäbele

December 2013 l Article
ISO 19152:2012, Land Administration  Domain Model
By Christiaan Lemmen, Rod Thompson and Peter can Oosterom

July/August 2013 l CLGE Newsletter
...the FIG Young Surveyors' Network is moving forward and is etablishing a European Young Surveyors' Network supported by CLGE!!!
By Eva-Maria Unger

April/May 2013 l CLGE Newsletter
Bruno Razza, incoming FIG Vice President, from Italy, Takes our questions
By Pedro J. Ortiz

July/August 2012
FIG Working Week 2012
By Gottfried Konecny

July/August 2010 l Column
The Climate Change Challenge
By Prof. Stig Enemark

January/February 2010
FIG2010 International Surveying Congress
By Mark T Gordon

September 2009 l Interview
The Big Swing in Surveying expained by FIG President Stig Enemark: From Measurement to Management
By Joc Triglav

September 2008 l Column
Development through Partnerships
By Prof. Stig Enemark

December 2007 l Column
Facing the Global Agenda - Is the role of the surveyors changing?
By Prof. Stig Enemark

January/February 2007 l Interview
FIG: Linking Strong the Global Agenda and the Surveying Grass Roots
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By Joc Triglav

December 2006 l Inetrview
"Geospacial Information Technology a Means to More Democracy"
By Frank Artes

July/August 2006 l Column
FIG-INTERGEO: The World Cup for Surveyors
By Brent Jones

June 2006 l Article
Shifting Mindset in an Evolving Society
[page 1] [pager 2]
By Gerhard Muggenhuber and Rob Mahoney

January/February 2006 l Conferences & Meetings
Shaping the Change - XXlll International FIG Congress
By Markku Villikka

June 2005 l Column
From Pharaohs to Where?
By Prof. Dr-Ing. Holger Magel

April/May 2005 l Viewpoint
New Challanges to Education in Geodesy and Geoinformation
By Prof. Dr-Ing. Holger Magel

March 2005 l Viewpoint
Where Were you When..?
By Prof. Dr-Ing. Holger Magel

January/February 2005 l Column
The Next Surveying Take-over