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January/February 2019 l Article
Interview with FIG President Rudolf Staiger

January/February 2019 l FIG Update
FIG Commissions and Young Surveyors

November/December 2018 l FIG Update
FIG Hand Over event

June/July 2018 l FIG Update
FIG Congress report - Surveying Profession in Transition 

January/February 2018 l FIG Update
FIG Commissions 7 and 9 Annual Meeting 2017 and Conference, Cartagena, Colombia, December 2017

December 2017 l FIG Update
Smart Solutions for a Secure and Valuable Property

November 2017 l FIG Update
FIG at Intergeo

Oktober 2017 l News
Surveying the world of tomorrow

Oktober 2017 l FIG update
FIG Congress 2018: Istanbul  

September 2017 l FIG Update
Seventh UN-GGIM Session in New York

August 2017 l News
GLTN-FIG Volunteer Community Surveyor Programme
By Eva-Maria Unger, Chair Young Surveyors Network

July 2017 l FIG article
Surveying the world of tomorrow Helsinki

July 2017 l FIG Update
Record Number of FIG Member Associations at FIG General Assembly

June 2017 l FIG update
FIG STDM Publication Now Available in 4 Languages

June 2017 l News
Surveying the world of tomorrow Helsinki - From digitalisation to augmented reality

May 2017 l FIG update
World Bank Land and Poverty Conference: Responsible Land Governance – Towards an Evidence-based Approach

April 2017 l FIG update
UN-GGIM Expert Group on Land Administration and Management

March 2017 l News
Keynote Speakers at FIG Working Week 2017 Confirmed

February 2017 l FIG Update
Further Standardisation in Land Administration

January 2017 l FIG Update
From Volume to Quality: Bridging the Gap for Spatial Data Infrastructure  

December 2016 | FIG Update
Land Consolidation and Land Readjustment for Sustainable Development

November 2016 l News
City of Helsinki Advances 3D City Initiative

November 2016 l FIG Update
Two FIG events in Athens, Greece

November 2016 l Insider's view
The call for Data Revolution - By Stig Enemark

October 2016 l FIG update
FIG/UN-Habitat Expert Meeting on Valuation of Unregitsred Land

October 2016 l Report
4th European Young Surveyors Meeting in Amsterdam:
Together for Tomorrow's challenges
By Eva-Maria Unger, Casper Fibæk and Ines Vilas Boas

October 2016 | News
FIG Working Week 2017: Call for Papers

September 2016 | FIG Update
FIG Working Week 2017

Augustus 2016 | FIG Update
FIG Publications

July 2016 l FIG Update
FIG Christchurch Declaration on Small Island Developing States

June 2016 l Report
Recovery from Diaster - FIG Woking Week 2016, New Zealand

June 2016 l FIG Page
Review of Fourth High Level Forum on UN-GGIM in Addis Ababa

June 2016 l IAG Update
Report on Third JISDM 2016

May 2016 l Interview
GIM International Interviews Eva-Maria Unger: Inspiring and Empowering the Agents of Change

May 2016 l FIG Update
FIG Young Surveyors Events

April 2016 l Interview
GIM International Interviews Oumar Sylla: Realising Solutions for Ladn Governance Issues

April 2016 l FIG Update
Review of the Land and Poverty Conference 2016

March 2016 l FIG Update
The GLTN Professional Cluster

February 2016 l FIG Update
Special Events during the FIG Working Week in Christchurch, New Zealand

February 2016 l FIG Update
Nepal Workshop: SDI Research on Diaster Risk Reduction

January 2016 l FIG Update
Review of FIG Workshops in Autumn 2015

January 2016 l Insider's view by Paul van der Molen, Twente University, the Netherlands
Paris Agreement: Land is a Great Issue!

December 2015 l FIG Page
6th Partners' Meeting of Global Land Tool Network

November 2015 l Insider's view by Prof. Stig Enemark, honorary President FIG, Denmark
Facing the Post-2015 Global Agenda

November 2015 l FIG Page
Recovery from Disaster

October 2015 l FIG Page
Acknowledgement of Land Administration by UN-GGIM

October 2015 l News
FIG Working Week 2016: Recovery from Disaster

September 2015 l FIG Page
Workshops on Disaster Risk Reduction and Crowdsourcing of Land Information

September 2015 l Interview
5 Questions to... Dr Vanessa Lawrence

August 2015 l FIG Page
3rd FIG Young Surveyors European Meeting, Sofia, Bulgaria

July 2015 l FIG Page
FIG General Assembly 2015 - Close-run Decision between Vietnam and Switzerland

July 2015 l Endpoint
Precise but Slow, or Quick but Dirty?
By Mathias Lemmens, Senior Editor, GIM International

July 2015 l Report
Creating a New Generation of Global Surveyors - FIG Wokrirng Week, Sofia, Bulgaria May 2015
By Louise Friis-Hansen and Christian Lemmen, FIG and Durk Haarsma, GIM International

June 2015 l FIG Page
Meeting of Preparatory Committee for Habitat III in Nairobi

June 2015 l Feature
From Barefoot to 'Air-foot' Surveyors - Building UAS Capacity for the Land Administration Sector
By Eldar Rubinov, Mireille Biraro, Simon Fuller and Rohan Bennett

June 2015 l Report
Let's Cadastre Our World... - World Cadastre Summit, Congress & Exhibition

By Kees de Zeeuw, Kadaster International, and Peter van Oosterom, Delft University of Technology

May 2015 l FIG Page
Review of the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty

April 2015 l FIG Page
UN General Assembly Urges the Sharing of Geospatial data to Benefit People and Planet

April 2015 l Feature
Beyond Dimensional Limits - reflections, visions and expectations for a dynamic future cadatre
By Daniel Steudler and Xavier Comtesse on behalf if 'Dimension Cadastre', Switzerland

March 2015 l FIG Page
FIG Kick-off Event 2015-2018

March 2015 l Interview
GIM International Interviews Incoming FIG President Chryssy Potsiou: The Surveying Profession Needs to Think Ahead

March 2015
l Entrevista
Entrevista de GIM International a la Presidente Entrante de FIG Chryssy Potsiu - La agrimensura es una profesión que necesita pensar con antelación

Februar 2015
l FIG Page
New FIG leadership and FIG Working Week 2015

January 2015
l FIG Page
Review of FIG-GLTN Workshops in Bangkok

January 2015 l Article
Securing Land Rights for the world is feasible: A New Era in Land Administration Emerges
By Christiaan Lemmen, Rohan Bennett, Robin McLaren and Stig Enemark

December 2014 l Artículo
Cadastro 2014: Los Noventa, Nexos y Futuro
By Rohan Bennett

December 2014 l FIG Page
Let's Solve the Problem in Our Generation

November 2014 l FIG Page
New FIG Publications

October 2014 l FIG Page
Call for Papers for FIG Working Week, May 2015, Bulgaria

September 2014 l FIG Page
Second Young Surveyors Conference

September 2014 l Article
Cadastre 2014: Nineties, Nexus and Next
By Rohan Bennett

September 2014 l IAG Page
Release of Reference Frames in Practice Manual

August 2014 l FIG Page
FIG General Assembly, June 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

July 2014 l FIG Page
LADM.based Software

June 2014 l FIG Page
The Missing Key to Eradicate Poverty

June 2014 l IAG Page
The Growing Importance of PNT

June 2014 l Artículo
Chryssy Potsiou elegida come  nueva presidente de FIG

June 2014 l Artículo
Plantación de árboles para compensar el carbono durente el congreso de la FIG

May 2014 l FIG Page
Fit-for-Purpose Land Administration

April 2014 l FIG Page
Engaging the Challenges, Enhancing the Relevance

April 2014 l Feature
Innovative pro-poor land tools under implementation: Piloting the STDM in Uganda

By Danilo Antonio

March 2014 l FIG Page
Cadastre 2014 at the FIG Congress 2014
February 2014 l FIG Page
New FIG Publication

January 2014 l FIG Page
Don't Miss the XXV FIG Congress in June 2014

January 2014 l IAG
8th Annual Meeting of the International Committee on GNSS

December 2013 l FIG Page
Meeting of Global Land Tool Network Partners

December 2013 l Article
GIM International Interviews Clarissa Augustinus and Teo CheeHai - A Paradigm Shift
By Christiaan Lemmen

November 2013 l FIG Page
Modernising Land Agencies' Budgetary Approaches

October 2013 l FIG Page
The XXV FIG International Congress

September 2013 l FIG Page
Reflecting on the Third Session of UN-GGIM

August 2013 l FIG Page
First Regional Meeting of FIG Young Surveyors Network

July 2013 l FIG Page
STDM Training during the Abuha Working Week & FIG LADM Workshop in Kuala Lumpur

July 2013 l Feature
Fit-for-purpose Land Administration - Builidng Sustainable and Transparent Spatial Frameworks
By Stig Enemark, Denmark

July 2013 l Feature
The Global Cadastre - Improving Transparency in Interntaional Property Markets
By Kevin McDougall, Rohan Bennett and Paul van der Molen

July 2013 l IAG
IAG Commission 4, 'Positioning & Applications'

July 2013 l Report
FIG Workirng Week 2013 in Abuja, Nigeria
By Christian Lemmen and Louise Friis-Hansen

July 2013 l Article
World Bank Conference on land and Poverty 2013
By Robin McLaren

June 2013 l FIG Page
The Engine Behind FIG Become an Honorary Member

June 2013 l Feature
Long Live Modelling! An assessment of the LADM from the Cadastre 2014 Perspective
By Jürg Kaufmann, Switzerland

May 2013 l FIG Page
Reflections on the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty 2013

May 2013 l Feature
Impact on implementation of international policies: Land Administration Domain Model
By Christiaan Lemmen, Peter van Oosterom and Paul van der Molen

April 2013 l FIG Page
World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty

April 2013 l Feature
Piloting the STDM in Uganda - Innovative Pro-Poor Tools under Implementation
By Danilo Antonio, UN-Habitat

March 2013 l FIG Page
Collaborating in the Global Land Tool Network

February 2013 l FIG Page
FIG Working Week 2013, Abuja, Nigeria

January 2013 l FIG Page
Review of 8th FIG Regional Conference in Montevideo

January 2013 l Article
GIM International Interviews Wafula Nabutola - Crowdsourcing: a Wake-up Call for Surveyors
By Christiaan Lemmen

December 2012 l FIG Page
FIG Regional Conference, Montevideo, Uruguay: Youth REsponsiveness in the Land Sector

November 2012 l FIG Page
Participatory and Inclusive Land Readjustment

November 2012 l Feature
Use of Geo-ICT to Tackle Global, National and Local Environmental Issues - Urban Govermance and Climate Change
By Diego Navarra and Paul va den der Molen

October 2012 l FIG Page
FIG Young Surveyors at World Urban Forum 2012

October 2012 l UN-GGIM
Second Session of UN_GGIM Further Acknowledges Role of Geoinformation

September 2012 l FIG Page
FIG News

September 2012 l Feature
Reducing the Cost of Geodetic Monitoring - Developing an Automatic WLAN-based GPS Monitoring System

August 2012 l FIG Page
8th FIG Regional Conference

August 2012 l Feature
The Crowdsoured Cadastre
By Rohan Bennett and Oaul can der Molen, The Netherlands

August 2012 l Report
A Domain Model for Land Administration
By Rohan Bennett

July 2012 l FIG Page
FIG General Assembly in Rome, Italy, May 2012

July 2012 l Report
Be part of the Solution, not the Problem! FIG Working Week, Rome, Italy

June 2012 l FIG Page
FIG Young Surveyors Conference

May 2012 l FIG Page
FIG Working Week 2012 - High-profile Keynotes

May 2012 l Feature
Greening the Cadastre - Incorporating Natural/Fuzzy Boundaries
By Rohan Bennett and Paul van der Molen, The Netherlands

April 2012 l FIG Page
Key Messages During teh FIG Working Week in Rome

April 2012 l IAG
The IAG and FIG Relationship

April 2012 l Insider's view
Fit for Purpose
By Stig Enemark, Denmark

March 2012 l FIG Page
Spatially Enabled Goverment and Society

March 2012 l Interview
Land Governance Key to Sustainability - GIM International interview Daniel Roberge
By Durk Haarsma, GIM International

February 2012 l FIG Page
First FIG Young Surveyors Conference & The 3rd Cadastral Congress in Warsaw, Poland

April 2011 l FIG Page
The Challenges That Lie Ahead

GIM International FIG Special

For the FIG Working Week, which was held from 18th to 22nd May 2011 in Marrakech, Morocco, GIM International has created a dedicated edition. This edition is available online.

The theme of this issue is cadastre and the developments that specialists expect in the time to come: an interview with Hernando De Soto and the series of articles Beyond Cadastre 2034.

30 May 2011

December 2009 l FIG Page
FIG Working Week 2009

December 2009 l FIG Page
FIG Working Week 2009

November 2009 l FIG Page
13th PAQS Conference

September 2009 l FIG Page
The FIG Annual Review

August 2009 l FIG Page
FIG Regional Conference

July 2009 l FIG Page
Facing Challenges

July 2009 l Report
FIG Working Week 2009
By Markky Vilikka

June 2009 l FIG Page
Meeting Millennium Development Goals

April 2009 l FIG Page
FIG Working Week 2009

December 2008 l FIG Page

November 2008 l FIG page
FIG Working Week 2009

October 2008 l FIG Page
Appraisal and Property Protection

September 2008 l FIG Page
New FIG Officers

September 2008 l Review
Uniting the Generations - FIG Working Week Stockholm

August 2008 l FIG Page
In the Aftermath

July 2008 l FIG Page
State and Public Land Management

June 2008 l FIG Page
Managing Mega-cities

May 2008 l FIG Page
FIG Annual Review

April 2008 l FIG Page
FIG Domain Model with ISO

April 2008 l Interview
FAO Important Partner for FIG - GIM International Inetrviews Dr. Mika-Petteri Törhönen, Land Tenure Officer, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation
By Christiann Lemmen, The Netherlands

March 2008 l FIG Page
Integrating Generations

February 2008 l FIG Page
Global Partnership for Development

January 2008 l FIG Page
6th FIG Regional Conference in San José, Costa Rica

November 2007 l FIG Page
Compulsory Pure hose ond Compensation in Land Aequisition ond Taking

October 2007 l FIG Page
FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting

August 2007 l FIG Page
FIG Working Week 2007

July 2007 l FIG Page
Workshop Informal Settlements

June 2007 l FIG Page
Munich Satellite Navigation Summit 2007

May 2007 l FIG Page
Geomatica 2007

April 2007 l FIG Page
Capacity Building

April 2007 l Insider's view
Good Governance: A Central Theme
By Holger Magel

February 2007 l FIG Page
Hand-over Ceremony

October 2006 l Interview
GIM Internationalinterviews FIG President Holger Magel: Well-Grounded Specialised Generalists
By Christiaan Lemmen

October 2006 l FIG Page
Shaping Change

September 2006 l FIG Page
FIG at 3rd World Urban Forum

August 2006 l FIG Page
Joint 12th FIG International Symposium on Deformation Measurements and Analysis/3rd lAG Symposium on Geodesy for Geotechnical and Structural Engineering

July 2006 l FIG Page
CASLE Conference in Africa

June 2006 l FIG Page
FIG and the UN-Habitat

May 2006 l FIG Page
5th FIG Regional Conference

April 2006 l FIG Page
Enhancing Land Registration and Cadastre and Economic Growth in India

April 2006 l Feature
Early and Active Work by Professional Bodies: FIG Standards Network
By Iain Greeway

March 2006 l FIG Page
XXIII International FIG Congress, German Intergeo

February 2006 l FIG Page
Secure Tenure

February 2006 l Feature
Model for Establishing Tenure Security in Other Countries: Land Administration •In Ethiopia
By Dr Zerfu Hailu and Lennart Backstrom, Environmental Protection, Land Administration and Use Authority, Amhara Region, Ethiopia

January 2006 l FIG Page
FIG President Addresses 43rd CNG Congress

January 2006
Need for Establishing Sustainable National Concepts Understanding the Land Management Paradigm

June 2005 l Review
First FIG and GSDI Joint Conference, Cairo: From Pharaohs to Geoinformatics
By Jacoues Sipkes and Christiaan Lemmen

May 2005 l FIG Page
Croatian Congress on Cadastre and Intergeo-East

March 2005 l FIG Page
FIG Working Week and GSDI-8

February 2005 l FIG Page
Expert Group Meeting on Secure Land Tenure, UN-Gigiri, Nairobi, Kenya, 10-12 November 2004

February 2005 l Interview
GIM Internationalinterviews Clarissa Augustinus, UN-HABITAT: New tools in land Administration Are Required
By Christiaan Lemmen

December 2004 l FIG Page
Regional Conferences Find Their Role - "Surveying the Future" a Big Success

November 2004 l FIG Page
Marrakech Declaration on Sustainable Development

September 2004 l FIG Page
Liaison FIG/Interntional Association of Geodesy (IAG)