FIG Commission 5

GNSS Developments and Modernization

Commission 5 Sub Group

Welcome to the official webpage of the FIG Commission 5 Sub-Group. Our goal is to present you with current information regarding the international efforts being made towards the development and improvement of global navigation satellite systems (i.e. GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, JRANS and others).

News related to Commission 5 Sub Group

Task Force Activities

  • Creation of a comprehensive database of researchers involved in GNSS development/modernization (and contact information)
  • Exposure of current developments in the field
  • Development of a repository of relevant reference materials (including links, publications and presentations) with particular emphasis on information needed by practitioners
  • Provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and information between members and national delegates
  • Provide a discussion forum for the potential benefits in practical applications of a modernized GPS constellation, multiple and integrated satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, etc.)


  • Chair: Georgia Fotopoulos, University of Toronto
  • Co-chair: Larry Hothem, NGS

Active Members

The following list of individuals are currently involved in research/work related to the field of GNSS development and/or modernization:

Chair - Larry Hotham (USA)
Vice Chair: Georgia Fotopoulos (Canada)
Matt Higgins (Australia)
Chris Pikridas (Greece)
Marcelo Santos (Canada)
Naser El-Sheimy (Canada)
Tomas Soler (USA)
Joao Agria Torres (Portugal)
Martti Pietikäinen (Finland)
Toya Nath Baral (Nepal)
Anna Jensen (Denmark)
Paserio Samisoni (Fiji)
Craig Roberts (Australia)
Georgi Milev (Bulgaria)
Keranka Vassileva (Bulgaria)  
Georgi Valev (Bulgaria)  
Allison Kealey (Australia)
William Martinez (Colombia)
Luiz Paulo Souto Fortes (Brazil)
Alex Cepek (Czech Republic)  
Cedric Seynat (Australia)
Kefei Zhang (Australia)
Israel Kashani (USA)
Pawel Wielgosz (USA)
Joël van Cranenbroeck (Switzerland)
Antonio Hernandez Navarro (Mexico)
Javier G. Matesanz (Spain)
Maria Marsella (Italy)
Gethin Wyn Roberts (United Kingdom)
Luis Serrano (Switzerland)
Yassine El Boukili (Morocco)
Dr Xiufeng He (China)


Questions?, Comments?, Want to join our team of active members? You can send an email to the vice-chair, Georgia Fotopoulos at georgia.fotopoulos[at]